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Doctoral Program

Strategic Management and Public Policy (SMPP) is an integration of three fields, strategic management, ethics, business and public policy. All fields involve the linkage between organizations and their external environments, with strategic management focusing more on the internal organizations, and business and public policy focusing more on the external environments. Topics studied within the department which integrate these three fields include organizational missions and visions, macro-environmental scanning, corporate social responsibility, ethics, and governance, and environmental and social sustainability.

The GW School of Business administers the doctoral program with doctoral students selecting a field of study within it. The field of strategic management and public policy is composed of the subfields of strategic management, business and public policy, business ethics, social issues in management, and environmental management and policy. Students electing this field are expected to demonstrate expertise and use appropriate methods in the analysis and assessment of various facets of these subfields. Both quantitative and qualitative research skills are emphasized for a comprehensive understanding of key theoretical and empirical questions in the field.


Professor Email Address Office Phone #
Lead Professor Dr. Walter Funger 606 994-7908
Dr. Kim Funger 615D 994-1889
Dr. Rivera Funger 608 994-0163
Dr. Englander Funger 615E 994-8203
Dr. Griffin Funger 609 994-2536
Dr. Patnaik Funger 615N 994-2445
Chairman Dr. Griffin Funger 609 994-2536

* Member of the Committee on Doctoral Studies
** Funger Hall Location: 2201 G. Street., NW


The doctoral area of Strategic Management and Public Policy typically requires three doctoral courses as part of the student's plan of study. In addition to the appropriate master's breadth and foundation courses and the appropriate methodology courses. In particular cases, some of the three doctoral area courses may be selected from allied fields such as International Business, Management, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Economics, among a number of others.

The Strategic Management and Public Policy Department offers following doctoral courses and seminars:

8321 Seminar in Strategic Management (3) Jorge Walter
The main objective of this doctoral seminar is to help doctoral students develop a comprehensive understanding of the major research streams in strategic management. Students will gain expo-sure to theoretical research frameworks as well as methodological issues and approaches. Ultimately, this seminar seeks to help students design sound theory-based, empirical research projects for the study of questions relevant to the field of strategic management.

8331 Seminar in Business and Public Policy (3) Staff
Develops understanding of the major research streams in business and public policy; exposure to theoretical research frameworks and methodological issues and approaches.
8391 Stakeholder Theory and CSR Jennifer Griffin
Examine organizational theory and management roots of stakeholder theory and corporate social responsibility (CSR) literature. Examine evolution of empirical stakeholder and CSR research. Identify research strategy for future research.

8391 Sustainability Management and Policy Eun-Hee Kim, Jorge Rivera
Drawing upon theoretical perspectives from organization theory, sociology and economics, this doctoral seminar aims to introduce sustainability research to doctoral students in a wide range of business and other related fields.

8998 Advanced Reading and Research (arr.) Staff
Limited to doctoral candidates preparing for the general examination. May be repeated for credit.
8999 Dissertation Research (arr.) Staff
Limited to doctoral candidates. May be repeated for credit.

For Further Information about Doctoral Program like Program Requirements and Application Process please visit the Doctoral Programs Website.