School of Business

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SMPP Alumni

Name Placement Finished Advocate Admitted Dissertation Title
Patricia Kanashiro Faculty, Loyola University Maryland Ph.D. 8/13 Rivera 2008 Corporate Environmental Strategy: Institutional and Governance Perspectives
Peter Tashman Faculty, Portland State U. Ph.D. 8/11 Rivera 2006 Corporate Climate Change Adaptation, Vulnerability and Environmental Performance in the United States Ski Resort Industry
Charles Koerber U.S. Government Ph.D. 5/11 Griffin 2004 Lending to Low and Moderate Income Borrowers: Board Composition, Stakeholder Outreach and Regulatory Environment
M. Westermann-Behaylo Faculty, American University Ph.D. 1/10 Fort 2004 The relationship between corporate ethical climate and stakeholder management
Timothy S. Clark Faculty, Northern Arizona University Ph.D. 8/09 Starik 2005 Strategic orientation toward sustainability: The role of investor relations officers
Kristin M. Lamoureux Research Prof. & Dir.,GWSB Int'l Inst. Tour. Stud. Ph.D. 8/09 Hawkins 1999 Success factors of cross-sector volunteer tourism partnerships involving U.S. federal land agencies
Elizabeth Alexander Faculty, U. of Wash./Tacoma Ph.D. 1/07 Spencer 2000 The effects of institutional environment upon innovation and performance: Collaborative external knowledge strategies in the cellular telephone industry
Jie Jiao Faculty, Tsinghua University Ph.D. 1/07 Teng 2002 International acquisition strategies of Chinese firms: A multi-theoretic examination
Gary A. Bojes US Dept.of Agriculture & Adjunct Faculty, GWSB Ph.D. 8/06 Starik 1997 Orchestrating strategy implementation: A grounded theory approach to environmental management in strategies focused on the Chesapeake Bay
Thomas A. Hemphill Faculty, U. of Michigan/Flint Ph.D. 8/05 Thurman 2000 Cooperative strategy and technology standards-setting: A study of United States wireless telecommunications industry standards development
Kalpana Seethepalli World Bank Ph.D. 8/05 Teegen 2000 Risk, structure and performance: An analysis of private investor strategies in emerging economy electricity markets
Gurneeta Vasudeva (Singh) Faculty, U. of Minn.(Init.: Indian School of Bus.) Ph.D. 8/05 Spencer/Teegen 2001 How national institutions influence firms' knowledge-building alliance strategies: A longitudinal study of fuel cell technology development
James D. Oldson Faculty, Loyola/Chicago Ph.D. 1/03 Starik 1992 A comparative analysis of the predictive strengths of an assessment center and a 360 degree evaluation process to forecast managerial performance in entry-level managers
Jeffrey L. Cummings Faculty, Loyola University Maryland Ph.D. 1/02 Thurman 1995 Knowledge transfer across R&D units: An empirical investigation of the factors affecting successful knowledge transfer across intra- and inter-organizational units
Mark A. Heuer Vstg Prof., GWSB; Faculty, Shenandoah U./PA Ph.D. 8/01 Starik 1995 Firm-stakeholder connectedness in the deregulating electric utility business: Exchange relationships in a network context
Jonathan P. Doh Faculty, Villanova U. Ph.D. 5/01 Teegen 1996 Private investment, entrepreneurial entry, and partner collaboration in emerging markets telecommunications: The impact of country, industry, and firm-level factors