Seminar in International Banking Offered Spring 2016

The former Deputy Director (retired) of the International Monetary fund will be offering a seminar in international banking during the Spring 2016 semester.  More information on the course is below.  Students interested in registering should do so through GWeb.  Please see your academic advisor with any questions.

Seminar: International Banking (3 cr., CRN 75693)
Alfredo Leone, PhD
Former Deputy Director, International Monetary Fund

Course Offering:

Thursdays, 7:10 – 9:40 pm

Course Description:
This seminar focuses on international banks’ risk measurement and management. It covers: recent trends in international banking and the international environment in which banks operate; sources of risk; regulatory and economic capital; models to measure risk; basic tools for bank risk management; causes and lessons of recent financial crises; and issues on financial regulation.