The Specialized Masters Experience

While a traditional MBA is right for some, others choose to develop the business skills necessary for a specific industry.A specialized Master’s of Science program can help enhance expertise in a chosen field.

GWSB offers 7 specialized Master’s of Science programs; all of which offer a flexible curriculum. Through most of the programs, students can pursue joint degrees. This academic customization gives students the freedom to acquire specific, valuable skills for unique sectors of business.

Through theoretical and applied learning, our programs combine curriculum from accounting, finance, project management and other traditional business concentrations with industry specific knowledge. Students gain experience on and off campus, through laboratory work, classroom-based courses, and online classes. They are also given access to a large number of networking opportunities through GWSB’s alumni and student organizations.

Our Programs

MS in Accountancy

Whether you’re interested in auditing, taxation, forensics, or management for government agencies, nonprofit organizations, or the world’s leading accounting firms, the Master of Accountancy program at the GW School of Business will arm you with the skills and technical expertise needed to set high standards in ethical leadership, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.


MS in Business Analytics

The Master of Science program in Business Analytics (MSBA) at GW School of Business blends the study of sophisticated business analytics principles and methods with a best-in-class management education. Our innovative curriculum balances real-world practice and academic theory.


MS in Finance

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program at the George Washington University is a unique opportunity to further your education in the field of finance by combining the quantitative rigor of a financial engineering program with the comprehensive training of  master’s in finance. In today’s job market, the advantage belongs to those with a quantitative background and an ability to understand financial markets, policies and strategies.


MS in Government Contracts

GW’s new Master of Science in Government Contracts (MSGC) program is unique in the world – blending the study of government procurement law and policy taught by the Law School, with a core business curriculum taught by the School of Business. The program is designed to give working professionals the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the world of Federal acquisition, and is intended for professionals from a variety of acquisition-related jobs in both Government and private industry.


MS in Information Systems Technology

Through dynamic, hands-on, laboratory and classroom-based courses and online classes, students learn how to integrate information systems technology, expertise, and management skills to effectively implement business solutions. This combination of advanced technical knowledge and management skills with proven business strategy put the MSIST graduates in a position to succeed.


MS in Project Management

Whether you’re managing a $10,000 project or a billion-dollar program, it means coordinating, communicating, scheduling, and maintaining focus. You need to have the unique ability to do both: get into the nuts and bolts as well as step back to take a macro view. The Master of Science in Project Management (MSPM) program at GW School of Business blends the study of advanced project management techniques with general management principles.


MS in Tourism Administration

Through classroom and field-based learning experiences, students in the Master of Tourism Administration (MTA) program prepare for international management positions in tourism, hospitality, sport management and event and meeting management. Our location in the nation’s capital, serves as a vast classroom with immense opportunities for practical experience, professional networking, and career development.