Recent Research Publications

Douglas C. Frechtling (Emeritus)

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Donald E. Hawkins

“A Protected Ecotourism Competitive Cluster Approach to Catalyze Biodiversity Conservation and Economic Growth in Bulgaria,” Journal of Sustainable Tourism

Stuart E. Levy

Levy, Stuart E., Wenjing Duan & Soyoung Boo (forthcoming), “An Analysis of One Star Reviews and Responses in the Lodging Industry,” Cornell Hospitality Quarterly

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Lisa Delpy Neirotti

The Ultimate Guide to Sports Event Management and Marketing, 2nd ed. (co-author), McGraw-Hill, 2001.

“The Race is On: Sport Management and Marketing via the World Wide Web,” Sports Travel, May 2000.

“The Wide World of Sports Internet Sites,” Sports Travel, April 2000.

“Events in Detail,” Sports Travel, March 2000.

“Maximizing Premium Seat and Suite Sells, Retention, and Use,” Sports Travel, February 2000.

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Editorial board member of Sport Travel magazine

Larry Yu

“A Comparative Analysis of International Tourism Satisfaction in Mongolia,” Tourism Management