MISSION & Learning Goals


The Master of Tourism Administration degree program is designed to prepare students for career entry or mid-level management positions in public, commercial, or nonprofit organizations providing visitor services at the local, national, or international level. Students have opportunities to learn from culturally diverse colleagues and from a wide range of visitor-service organizations, as well as from the classroom.

Through classroom and field-based learning experiences, students in the Master of Tourism Administration (MTA) program prepare for international management positions in tourism, hospitality, sport management and event and meeting management. Our location in the nation’s capital, serves as a vast classroom with immense opportunities for practical experience, professional networking, and career development.

Students concentrate their studies in one of four areas:

Students also have the option to develop individualized concentrations focusing on ecotourism or heritage tourism. The program welcomes students who wish to advance current careers or pursue new careers in the industry.


  • Conceptual Foundations: Student will demonstrate knowledge of the conceptual foundations and essential elements of the tourism and hospitality field
  • Research Fundamentals: Student will master and utilize the basics of research and apply this research to the tourism and hospitality field.
  • Critical Evaluation and Thinking: The student will be skilled in critical thinking using decision making tools and techniques to solve issues in the tourism and hospitality field.
  • Effective Oral and Written Communications: The student will be an effective communicator with the ability to prepare reports and deliver presentations.
  • Development of Global Awareness and Perspective: The student will be able to relate the implications of international economic, financial, political, social and cultural environments to resolve management situations.