Sport Management

About the concentration

Sport has a dominant influence on society and is estimated to be a $500 billion global business. No single aspect of our culture receives as much media attention nor has the power to bring people together as sport. The professional field of sport management evolved due to the growth of sport and the need to more efficiently and effectively plan, organize, market, lead, and evaluate organizations providing sport activities, products, or services. More specifically, the sports industry encompasses amateur to professional sports and involves everything from the marketing and management of athletes, events, teams, facilities, organizations, sports products and sports media.

Students will also complete a “green scorecard” a consulting based report that services sports’ organizations, events, and facilities in the area with an environmental sustainability report.


Course # Course Title Credits
Core (9 Credits)
TSTD 6251 Quantitative Application in Tourism & Hospitality Management 3
TSTD 6270 Tourism & Hospitality Management Research 3
TSTD 6249 Sustainable Destination Development 3
Concentration (12 Credits)
TSTD 6264 Sport Marketing 3
TSTD 6265 Sport Law 3
TSTD 6266 Sport Facilities 3
TSTD 6267 Sport Media & Communications 3
Suggested Electives (9 Credits)
DSCN 6290 Sport Analytics 1.5
TSTD 6280 Sport Finance 1.5
TSTD 6280 Global Issues in Sport Management 1.5
TSTD 6280 Sport Philanthropy 1.5
TSTD 6282 International Experience 3
Capstone (6 Credits)
TSTD 6283 Practicum 3
TSTD 6297 Advanced Topic Studies 3
Total Credits 36

Additional Electives:

The electives noted above are the suggested coursework to complement the concentration however students are allowed to pick any 9 credits of electives from all available. Some available are:

  • TSTD 6277 Event Management (3 credits)
  • MRKT 6248 Advertising and Sales (3 credits)
  • TSTD 6279 Event Entertainment (3 credits)
  • MNGT 6215 Negotiations & Conflict Management  (3 credits)
  • MNGT 6254 Labor-Relations/Management (3 credits)
  • MNGT 292 Small Business Management (3 credits)
  • IBUS 6266 International Marketing (3 credits)
  • TSTD 6296 Tourism Information Systems (Online course) (3 credits)
  • PPPA 6031 Management of Non-Profit (3 credits)
  • PPPA 6032/6033 Non-Profit Fund Raising (3 credits)

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