Academic Program

Our faculty challenge students to think critically, analyze problems, and effectively acquire and integrate knowledge, strategies, and key technologies to solve the business problems faced by IT management.


The Master of Science in Information Systems Technology (MSIST) program curriculum offers an innovative mix of information and technology management courses and specialized electives.

Throughout the program, faculty challenge students to think critically, analyze problems and effectively acquire and integrate knowledge, strategies, and key technologies to solve the business problems faced by IT management.

MSIST is a STEM designated degree program. International graduates are eligible to participate in the Optional Practical Training (OPT) initial 12-month and 17-month extension programs offered by the Department of Homeland Security.


MSIST students take a total of 11 courses: 8 core and 3 elective courses. An additional 6 credits of foundation courses may be required; an advisor determines waiver eligibility. Students may customize their 3 elective courses by selecting a focus ranging from the managerial aspects of IT to the highly technical and complex components of IT projects and systems. They may study part-time or full-time, on-campus or online. Advisors consult with students to create a program completion plan that best suits their needs.

All core and elective courses are taught on-campus in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Select core and elective courses are taught online in those same semesters. Students must complete all core courses to be eligible for the Integrated Information Systems Capstone course.


Students typically complete degree requirements in the following time frames:

  • Part-Time: 30-48 months
  • Full-Time: 18-24 months


View course descriptions in the GW Bulletin.

Course # Course Title Credits
Foundation Courses (6 Credits, 2 Courses) **
ISTM 3119 Introduction to Programming 3.0
ISTM 4121 Expert Database Systems 3.0
Required Core Courses (24 Credits, 8 Courses)
ISTM 6201 Info Systems Development & Applications 3.0
ISTM 6202 Relational DatabasesPrerequisite: ISTM 4121 3.0
ISTM 6203 Telecommunications and Enterprise Networks 3.0
ISTM 6204 IT Project Management 3.0
ISTM 6205 Internet ComputingPrerequisite: ISTM 3119 3.0
ISTM 6206 Information Systems Security 3.0
ISTM 6207 Information Resources Management 3.0
ISTM 6210 Integrated Info Systems CapstonePrerequisites: ISTM 6201-6207 3.0
Electives (9 Credits, 3 Courses) Select 3 Courses From List Below
ISTM 6211 Data Warehousing & Online Analytical ProcessingPrerequisite: ISTM 6202 3.0
ISTM 6213 Enterprise Web & Database ApplicationsPrerequisite: ISTM 6202 & 6205 3.0
ISTM 6214 Advanced Programming & Business Applications 3.0
ISTM 6215 Human Computer Interaction 3.0
ISTM 6221 Management Perspectives in E-Commerce 3.0
ISTM 6222 IS/IT Strategy & Implementation 3.0
ISTM 6223 Technology Entrepreneurship 3.0
ISTM 6224 Management of Technology & Innovation 3.0
ISTM 6225 Enterprise Architecture 3.0
ISTM 6233 New Venture Financing: Due Diligence and Valuation Issues 3.0
ISTM 6239 Seminar: Technology CommercializationPrerequisites: ISTM 6224 or ISTM 6233 3.0
ISTM 6290 Special Topics 3.0
ISTM 6298 Directed Readings & Research 3.0

**An advisor will review waiver eligibility