Certificate in Business Analytics

Certificate Program

The 21st century belongs to those who can think and act analytically. No longer is it good enough to make business decisions, no matter what the field, based on little more than feelings or gut reactions to events. Consumer products companies, insurance companies, banks, governments, and even sports teams are turning to Analytics to improve their bottom line and assure their survivability in this age of hyper-competition and increasingly severe externalities. This track, designed expressly for business students, provide excellent training on Analytics, a critical component of 21st century business careers, whether the practitioner’s primary responsibility is in a functional area (Marketing, Operations, Finance, Strategy, International Business, HR) or a vertical area such as Health Care or Tourism. The need for graduates with a strong analytical background has never been higher. Companies such as IBM, the U.S. government, and many of the Washington area’s top employers have a high demand for personnel with expertise in the traditional MBA domains but with knowledge of Analytical methods. Even in these challenging times, employment rates for those with these skills remain high.

For additional information on the Certificate in Business Analytics, please reference:

The Business Analytics Certificate Requirements Information Sheet (PDF)

Credits: 9.0

  • Available to all GWSB graduate students, including students in the following programs:
    Global MBA
    Professional MBA
    Healthcare MBA
    Executive MBA
    MS in Finance
    MS in Project Management
    MS in Information Systems Technology
    Master of Accountancy
    MS in Government Contracts
    Master of Tourism Administration
  • Course delivery format(s): In-Person only

Application Process

Students will apply for the Certificate in Business Analytics after they have completed all Certificate requirements by emailing a complete application package (application sheet, seminar write-ups, and verification of project or equivalent completion) to analytics@gwu.edu. Applications will not be accepted prior to completion of all requirements.

  • To download the Business Analytics Certificate application, click here.

Curriculum Overview

Students should have completed MBAD 6224 or its equivalent courses (such as a combination of DNSC 6221 and 6222, or DNSC 6202) prior to enrolling in any of the certificate courses. Other equivalent courses may be substituted with prior department approval. Students should have received a grade of ‘B’ or better in their MBAD6224 or equivalent coursework to be eligible for the certificate.

In addition to the required coursework, students must fulfill the 2 components listed below:

1. Project or Equivalent: Complete one of the below options (A, B, or C).

A. For an organization of your choice, apply the analytic assessment criteria as presented in Competing in Analytics (Davenport & Harris) to evaluate its current stage of analytic competency. Develop an analytical roadmap with concrete recommendations for this organization outlining how it could enhance its competitive position by applying analytics.

B. An additional analytics related course in Decision Sciences (or a related field) may be taken in lieu of a project. The course must be pre‐approved by a faculty member in Decision Sciences, and students must receive a grade of ‘B’ or better in the course.

C. Students may choose to work with a faculty member on a well‐structured project of their own design related to analytics. Prior approval by a GWSB faculty member is required.

2. Attendance at Business Analytics Seminars

Attend at least two Business Analytics seminars and submit write‐ups describing what you learned. Seminars are offered regularly by the Department of Decision Sciences, I2SDS, the IBM Analytics Solutions Center, DC Data Science Meet-Up, and other GW partners.

  • For a list of upcoming seminars, click here

For questions, please contact analytics@gwu.edu

Course # Course Title Credits
Required Courses: 
Students must receive a grade of ‘B’ or better in all coursework to be eligible for the certificate.
DNSC 6201 Introduction to Business Analytics 1.5
DNSC 6251 Optimization Models for Decision Making 1.5
DNSC 6279 Data Mining 3.0
DNSC 6209 Forecasting for Analytics 1.5
Students should choose 1.5 credits from the following list of electives: 
Students must receive a grade of ‘B’ or better in all coursework to be eligible for the certificate.
MGT 6290 Marketing Metrics 1.5
FINA 6223 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 1.5
DNSC 6290 Supply Chain Risk Analytics 1.5
DNSC 6290 Pricing and Revenue Management 1.5
DNSC 6290 Social Network Analytics 1.5
DNSC 6290 Business Process Analytics 1.5
DNSC 6290 Sports Analytics 1.5
DNSC 6290 Visualization for Analytics 1.5
DNSC 6259 Project Portfolio Management 1.5
Other electives TBD (please seek department approval for electives not listed here).
Total Credit Hours: 9.0

Fall 2014 Certificate in Business Analytics Schedule

  • DNSC 6201.10 (CRN87247), Introduction to Business Analytics:
    W, 7:10 – 9:40pm, 8/25/14 – 10/18/2014 (Core)
  • DNSC 6251.10 (CRN85490), Optimization Models for Decision Making:
    W, 7:10 – 9:40pm, 10/20/14 – 12/6/2014 (Core)
  • DNSC 6259 (CRN84641), Project Portfolio Management*:
    R: 7:10 – 9:40pm, 10/20/14 – 12/6/2014 (Elective) *requires MSPM Program approval
  • DNSC 6290.13 (CRN86889), Sports Analytics:
    R, :10 – 9:40pm, 10/20/14 – 12/6/2014 (Elective)
  • FINA 6223 (CRN80202), Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management*:
    R, 7:10 – 9:40pm, 8/25/14 – 12/6/2014 (Elective) *requires Finance Department approval

Spring 2015 Certificate in Business Analytics Schedule

Note: Schedule is tentative. Actual schedule to be released in October 2014

  • Forecasting for Analytics (core)
  • Data Mining (core)
  • Social Network Analytics
  • Marketing Metrics
  • Supply Chain Risk Analytics
  • Optimization Models for Decision Making (core)
  • Risk Analysis for Decision Making
  • Pricing and Revenue Management