Mission and Learning Goals


The mission of the GWSB World Executive MBA program is to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of accomplished managers and professionals by providing exceptional graduate business education in a format designed specifically for working professionals of advanced status.

The GWSB World Executive MBA program has a foundation of five pillars – a robust evolving curriculum, high caliber students, a top echelon faculty, unparalleled student services and excellent facilities. The program provides topical breadth and depth that is designed to be both rigorous and relevant, and the diversity of the student body creates a dynamic learning environment where participants benefit from shared experiences and new perspectives. The program promotes a sense of community among faculty and students in a collaborative, cooperative environment while capitalizing on its international “real world” curriculum through experiential learning and team-based projects. Strategic leadership is the central theme of the program.

Learning Goals

Strategic Leadership in a Global Economy

Each student will apply and practice leadership principles and skills to conceive and execute strategy to resolve complex management situations in the global environment.

Moral Reasoning

The student will be able to incorporate ethical principles and responsible leadership into the resolution of management situations.

Multidimensional Problem Solving Capabilities

The student will be skilled in critical thinking using cross disciplinary decision-making and quantitative tools to identify, analyze, and solve management problems and issues.

Effective Team Management

The student will be able to demonstrate the ability to manage and lead teams and work effectively with other members of a team, to enhance and developing competencies for executive level management.

Communication Skills

The student will learn the importance of effective communication strategies on personal, corporate and global levels. The student will be able to build a theoretical framework to diagnose and assess effective communication systems and to build individual executive communication competencies.