World Executive MBA Academic Program


Participants work cooperatively in study teams while developing individual skills and knowledge. The program is completed in 16 months (Fall, Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters). Students attend class biweekly on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning and afternoon; the program includes accommodations at a local hotel on Friday night. Two domestic and two international residencies complement campus-based courses. Term courses are video- recorded and supported by material on Blackboard and Elluminate Live.


The World Executive MBA is comprised of 52.5 credits. The program includes 40.5 core credit hours based around three themes: Leading People, Global and Local Environments, and Mastering Business Functions (financial management, decision skills, and marketing). Two integrative courses analyze topics of great moment in the business community, such as the recent fiscal crisis, and integrate that analysis across business arenas. Elective courses allow students to focus in international business, sustainability, or leadership.

The program includes four residencies in which students address topics intensively over an extended period at a site away from campus and students’ places of business. Two consulting residencies take place in Washington, D.C., 10 days at the beginning and eight days at the end of the program. These D.C. residencies include a practicum component with site visits and executive lectures. Two residencies take place in international locations and are each six days long. All residencies contain credit-bearing coursework.

Program Highlights

Professional Coaching

Personalized coaching focuses on students’ individual leadership development. Coaches work with students to create an Individual Leadership Development Plan, and students shadow a member of their organization for a day. The nine coaching sessions include one 1.5-hour in-person session in the opening and closing residencies and one one-hour video conference in each of the seven course terms.

Business Challenge

The business challenge deepens students’ understanding of their organization by asking them to address a concrete issue within the organization. Students will write a business challenge and secure a mentor who will help the student conceive of and execute the necessary steps to address the challenge within the social-political-technical context of the organization. The challenge culminates in the presentation of the cases during the closing residency.