Doctoral Lead Professors

Each field of study has a lead professor to help you understand the nature of the field, and direct your questions. The lead professor is the key faculty to discuss your interest in a doctorate at GWSB and answer questions about particular areas of interest to you. The lead professor may advise you to talk to or visit other faculty in the department who have expertise in specific areas.

Department Professor Office Phone # Email
Accountancy Dr. Yanfeng Xue Funger Hall, 601R (202) 994-6747
Decision Sciences Dr. Miguel Lejeune Funger Hall, 415 (202) 994-6576
Finance Dr. Senay Agca Funger Hall, 501 (202) 994-9209
Finance Dr. Brian Henderson Funger Hall 502 (202) 994-3669
International Business Dr. Heather Berry Funger Hall, 401 (202) 994-8498
Management Dr. Herman Aguinis Funger Hall, 311 (202) 994-6976
Marketing Dr. Sung Ham Funger Hall, 301 (202) 994-6981
Strategic Management & Public Policy Dr. Jorge Walter Funger Hall, 615 (202) 994-7908

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