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James R. Bailey

Hochberg Professorial Fellow of Leadership Development

Professor of Management

  • Department: Management
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  • Phone: (202) 994-1669
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  • Office: Funger Hall, Ste. 315-M • 2201 G St. NW • Washington, DC 20052
  • PhD, Washington University, 1991
  • MA, Washington University, 1988
  • BA, Eastern Illinois University, 1984


James R. Bailey is Professor and Stacy and Jonathan Hochberg Fellow of Leadership Development at the George Washington University School of Business, and a Fellow in the Centre for Management Development, London Business School. He has been the recipient of many teaching distinctions, including three GWSB Outstanding Educator Awards. In 2006 he was named one of the world’s top ten executive educators by the International Council for Executive Leadership Development. He has published over 50 academic papers and case studies, and is the author of five books, including the award-winning, best-selling Organizational and Managerial Wisdom and the forthcoming Lessons on Leadership. He has designed and delivered hundreds of executive programs for firms like Nestle, UBS, Conoco-Phillips, and Goldman Sachs, as well as several major law firms and US Congressmen. Dr. Bailey is a frequent keynote speaker who has appeared on broadcast programs for the BBC, NPR, and Fox News Channel, and whose work has been cited in such outlets as the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, and Business 2.0. He is a frequent contributor to The Hill, Washington Post, Washington Business Journal, and Harvard Business Review. He is the past Editor-in-Chief of the Academy of Management Learning and Education. Professor Bailey has served as a dean, department chair, and program director during his 20 year academic career, and has been a visiting professor at London Business School, University of Michigan, and the Institute of Management Development (Switzerland). His practitioner-oriented essays appear on the website Lessons on Leadership (


Selected Publications


  • Bailey, J. R. (in progress). Lessons on Leadership.
  • Clegg, S. R. & Bailey, J. R. (Eds.). (2007). International encyclopedia of organization studies, Volumes 1-4. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. [Outstanding Academic Title, American Librarian Association, 2008]
  • Kessler, E. & Bailey, J. R. (Eds.). (2007). Handbook of managerial and organizational wisdom. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. [Most Promising New Management Book, European Academy of Management, 2006]

Journal Articles

  • Lewicki, R. J. & Bailey, J. R., (in press) A deeper dig into PhD education. Journal of Management Education.
  • Raelin, J. D. & Bailey, J. R. (in press). And integrated model of individual reactions to organizational change: Terror Management and adjustment to loss. Journal of Organizational Change Management.
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Keynote Addresses

  • Innovation in ancient space, Legal Marketing Association, Orlando FL, 2016 September.
  • Ten proposition to leadership, American Legal Administrators Association, Washington DC (Webinar), 2016, January.
  • The state of the American legal industry, The Chinese-America Legal Exchange, Washington, DC, 2015, October.
  • Emotional intelligence and the CFO.  Chief Financial Officers Leadership Association, Washington, DC, 2015, April.
  • The ethical leader. Goldman-Saks Leadership Series, NYC, NY, 2015, May.
  • Leading—or at least trying to–law firms.  American Legal Administrators Association, Perry, MD, 2014, May
  • Leading strategy in law firms.  American Legal Administrators Association, Perry, MD, 2013, May.
  • Leading culture through change.  Conoco-Phillips, Austin, TX, 2013 February.
  • Leading in turbulent times.  Congressional Institute Annual Retreat, Cambridge, MD, 2013, July.
  • The challenges of managing upward.  Annual Law Firm Marketing Partners Forum, Scottsdale, AZ, 2011, January.
  • Proposing leadership for the public sector.  Thought Leadership Forum, Washington DC, 2010.
  • Negotiation skills for life and work.  Boston Legal Administrators Association, Boston, MA, 2010 April.
  • Before the floor: Bringing leadership best practices to congressional offices.  Congressional Institute Annual Retreat, Cambridge, MD, 2010, March.
  • Emotional intelligence in the military.  Department of Defense National Security Senior Leaders Program, GWU Elliott School of International Affairs, Washington, DC, 2010, March.
  • Individual leadership development.  Corporate University Exchange/University of Pennsylvania Global Leadership Conference, Philadelphia, PA, 2010, March.