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Hannah Messerli

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Research Professor of Tourism Policy

Chair of the International Institute for Tourism Studies

  • Department: Management
  • Email:
  • Phone: (202) 994-7087
  • Fax:
  • Office: Funger Hall, Suite 301-U • 2201 G St. NW • Washington, DC 20052
  • Ph.D. Tourism Planning & Development, Cornell University, 1993
  • M.A. Tourism Research & Planning, 1990
  • M.P.S. Hospitality Management, Cornell University, 1984
  • B.A. Medieval & Renaissance Art History, University of Colorado, 1978

Selected Publications

  • Bakker, M. and Messerli, H. “Inclusive growth versus pro-poor growth: Implications for tourism development” Tourism and Hospitality Research. 2016. p 1-8. Sage Publications (UK)
  • Christie, Iain; Fernandes, Eneida; Messerli, Hannah; Twining-Ward, Louise. 2013. Tourism in Africa: Harnessing tourism for growth and improved livelihoods. Washington DC; World Bank. Available at
  • Blanke, J., Browne, C., Garcia, A. and Messerli, H. 2011. “Assessing Africa’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness in the Wake of the Global Economic Crisis”, chapter in Africa Competitiveness Report 2011 published by World Economic Forum, African Development Bank and World Bank.
  • Messerli, Hannah, “Sustainable Tourism Development: Tomorrow’s Challenge Today” and “Ecotourism: Tourism in the Tone of Green” in  Travel and Tourism; An Industry Primer by Paul S. Beiderman with Jun Lai, Jukka Laitamaki, Hannah R. Messerli, Peter D. Nyheim and Stanley C. Plog, Pearson/Prentice Hall, NJ: 2007.
  • Messerli, Hannah R. and Martine Bakker. “US Honeymoon Travel, 2007” Market Research (online report), Mintel International Group, Ltd., Chicago, IL; October 2007.
  • Messerli, Hannah R. and Martine Bakker. “Myanmar Country Report,” Travel and Tourism Industry Reports, Mintel International Group, Ltd., London, UK; April 2005.
  • Messerli, Hannah R. and Martine Bakker. “Emerging Destinations-International: Mongolia,” Travel and Tourism Industry Reports, Mintel International Group, Ltd., London, UK; August 2004.



  • World Bank Africa Vice Presidential Unit Team Award
  • Teaching Excellence Award, New York University
  • Fulbright Senior Specialist (Tanzania)
  • GWU Tourism and Hospitality Management Distinguished Alumni Award
  • Statler Foundation Fellowship


Professional Activities

  • Aga Khan University, Graduate School of Leisure and Tourism Development Group
  • Adventure Travel and Trade Association