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Christopher Jones

Assistant Professor of Accountancy

  • Department: Accountancy
  • Email:
  • Phone: 202-994-3529
  • Fax:
  • Office: Funger Hall, 601Q
  • BA, Swarthmore College, 1985
  • PhD, Stanford University, 1998

Selected Publications

Jones, Christopher L. & Roberts, Andrea A. (2006), “Management of Financial Information in Charitable Organizations: The Case of Joint Cost Allocations,” Accounting Review (81), 21.

Jones, Christopher L. & Cole, Cathy J. (2004), “The Usefulness of MD&A Disclosures in the Retail Industry,” Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance (19), 27.

Jones, Christopher L. & Cole, Cathy J. (2005), “Management Discussion and Analysis: A Review and Implications for Future Research,” Journal of Accounting Literature (24), 39.