Prof. Vanessa Perry on Marketing: Without it, What Would our Economy Be?

Offline with Vanessa Perry, Associate Professor of Marketing & Associate Dean of Graduate Programs

“My background is in economics but I always felt that economists didn’t really understand consumers and how people make decisions. And so I decided to go into marketing where I could blend economics with psychology—which is something that’s always been fascinating for me.

If it weren’t for marketing, you wouldn’t have anything to analyze as an economist. Because what would our economy be?

People associate marketing with advertising and sales. They often come in with this stereotype that they’re going to learn how to push products on people that they don’t need. But the truth of the matter is, you can’t convince people in the long run to buy things that they don’t need, that don’t provide value to them. It’s also the case that most CEOs of major companies have a marketing background.”

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