Prof. Shyam Giridharadas on Leadership: Emotional Intelligence Is Essential

Offline with Shyam Giridharadas, Visiting Assistant Professor of Management

“Every leader in an organization has to lead people. People are an extraordinarily underutilized asset by organizations.

The difference between top-quality leaders and mediocre leaders is their emotional intelligence … their ability to really interact with people, get the most out of people, inspire people, elevate their performance to new levels. To think about this more than a job—to think about this as something that they are passionate about and have the competence to make a difference.

This is a fundamental requirement for being more effective as a leader.

Students who have not consciously thought about human resource management and the people side of the business may instinctively have shied away from it, expecting that those tasks would be handled by other people in an organization.

At the end of the course, I want everyone to leave with the idea that they have what it takes to lead, motivate, and inspire people.”

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