School of Business

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Tuition & Financial Planning

Tuition is paid each fall and spring semester the student is registered in the program. The tuition rate for each academic year (two semesters) is published annually in the University Bulletin.

Tuition has neither a minimum nor a maximum during the time in the program

In unusual circumstances - as examples, medical or family emergencies, or the pursuit of internship opportunities - a student may be granted one leave of absence during his/her time in the program for a period not to exceed one year. Leaves are granted by the Director of the Doctoral Program after consulting with the students faculty advisory group and the SBGW Doctoral Committee.

Under normal circumstances, financial aid packages offered to new students include 4 years of funding (assuming satisfactory progress).

  • As a general rule, students are not eligible for GWSB fellowships after their fourth year in the program.
  • Students accepting GWSB fellowships cannot work during the academic year except as provided by the terms of the fellowship.
  • Students who accept full-time positions, including teaching positions at other universities, waive their right to GWSB fellowships.

The GWSB Doctoral Committee decides the allocation of GWSB financial aid. Financial aid is normally terminated when students fail to complete core courses in the first year of the program, do not pass qualifying examinations by August 1 of the first year in the program, fail to maintain the support of the designated faculty advisory group, or otherwise fall behind the expected timeline for progress in the doctoral program.

University Financial Assistance is limited. GWSB graduate fellowships, teaching assistantships, and University student loan programs are available. Graduate fellowships and teaching assistantships, which pay tuition and a stipend, are awarded by the various SB departments. Student loan programs are administered by the Office of Student Financial Assistance and the Office of Fellowships and Graduate Student Support