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Doctoral Lead Professors

The key person to discuss your interest in a doctorate at GW is the doctoral lead professor in the area of your interest. After you have talked with the lead professor, you may want to visit other faculty in the area. The lead professor can help you with suggestions.


Concentration Professor Office Phone
Accountancy Dr. Frederick Lindahl Funger Hall 601 202-994-5639
Decision Sciences Dr. Miguel Lejeune Funger Hall 415 202-994-6576
Finance Dr. Senay Agca Funger Hall 501 202-994-9209
Information Systems & Technology Management Dr. Wenjing Duan Funger Hall 515 202-994-3217
International Business Dr. Heather Berry Funger Hall 401 202-994-8498
Management Dr. Sharon Hill Funger Hall 315 202-994-1314
Marketing Dr. Alexander Krasnikov Funger Hall 301 202-994-4916
Strategic Management & Public Policy Dr. Walter Funger Hall 615 202-994-7908
Funger Hall 2201 G Street
Duques Hall 2201 G Street