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Sport Management

Sport has a dominant influence on society and is estimated to be a $500 billion global business. No single aspect of our culture receives as much media attention nor has the power to bring people together as sport. The professional field of sport management evolved due to the growth of sport and the need to more efficiently and effectively plan, organize, market, lead, and evaluate organizations providing sport activities, products, or services. More specifically, the sports industry encompasses amateur to professional sports and involves everything from the marketing and management of athletes, events, teams, facilities, organizations, sports products and sports media.

Master of Tourism Administration

GW offers an MTA in Washington, DC and through distance education.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

GW School of Business offers a Global MBA with a Knowledge Domain in Tourism, Hospitality, Event Management. For details, go here.

GW School of Business Professional MBA allows for up to 18 credit hours of electives to be taken in any hospitality field. For details, go here.

Ph.D. in Business Administration

Tourism and Hospitality Management may be taken as a field of study in the Ph.D. in business administration. For details, go here.