School of Business

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This area focuses on discerning market segments, communicating with these target markets, and satisfying customers’ needs to achieve organizational objectives. Emphasis is placed on marketing research and use of interactive information technologies in marketing communications. These courses prepare graduates for careers in marketing in airlines, hospitality, attractions, destination management organizations, and other components of the tourism and hospitality industries.

Possible Courses:

  • TSTD 6264 – Sport Marketing – Application of marketing theories to sport and events. Case examples of marketing athletes, teams, facilities, sport products and organizations, as well as using sport or events as a marketing tool for products. Writing sponsorship and endorsement proposals and incorporating sport into an integrated marketing plan. Prerequisite: MBAd 230 or equivalent. (Fall)
  • TSTD 6280 – Adv. Topical Studies: Hotel Sales – Workshops with emphasis on contemporary issues and opportunities; development of advanced professional competencies. May be repeated for credit with permission of advisor. (Fall and spring)
  • TSTD 296 – Travel Information Management Systems – Database utilization, information analysis, reservation systems, computer applications including the Internet, and related travel management systems. (Fall, spring, and Summer)
  • IBUS 266 – International Marketing – International marketing strategy formulation, including market entry, local market development, and global market integration. The strategic challenge of global marketing formulation and local market adaptation, with attention to market conditions in mature, new growth, and emerging market environments. Emerging trends in international marketing
  • MKTG 243 – Marketing Research – The marketing research process: designing, conducting, and using market research studies. Managing the market research project; qualitative research; survey and experimental designs; data analysis with statistical software packages. Prerequisite: MBAd 220 and 221
  • MKTG 246 – Marketing of Services - Management of the activities involved in marketing new and existing services. The innovation system (behavioral and organizational) of service product decisions, product planning processes, marketing auditing, services and the law, and new service trends. Marketing of intangibles and services is highlighted. (Spring)
  • MKTG 248 – Advertising and Sales Promotion – Examination of advertising and sales promotion from a systems perspective supported by analytical methods and concepts regarding consumer attitudes and behavior. The role of communication in marketing, behavioral research, message design, economic and financial criteria, development of a promotion program. Spring)
  • MKTG 252 – E-Marketing and Commerce - The impact of technology on sales and marketing strategy. Areas explored include e-branding, customer relationship management, permission e-mail, sales force technology enhancement, mobile commerce, online marketing research, and electronic channels of distributions. (Spring)