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Entrepreneurship and Small Business

The development of a destination’s potential involves capacity building in the private sector. Regardless of the size of the destination, small and medium size businesses (SMEs) play a key role in development. These businesses serve various purposes such as providing an entry point to the economic gains for the local community, help to foster ownership of the destination, provide the tourist with alternative or support services (i.e. diving, horseback riding, traditional cuisine, etc) that are not available directly through the resort. Additionally, SMEs are the key to maintaining tourism revenue within the destination, as they are more likely to buy locally and use local infrastructure to develop their product or service.

Possible Courses:

  • MGT 291 – Entrepreneurship – In exploring the “entrepreneur as a phenomenon," students will be exposed to the theory and experiences associated with entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial acts, and entrepreneurship in all organizational settings—large, small, public, and private. Spring)
  • MGT 292 – Small Business Management – The start-up process and management of small firms. Field projects involve student teams as consultants to local businesses. Case studies. Emphasis on total customer service, international opportunities, and minority and women’s issues.
  • MGT 293 – New Venture Initiation – Essentials of planning a new business venture, sources of financing, evaluation of alternative new business ventures, and analysis of business functions. Creating and analyzing the business plan.
  • MGT 294 – Strategic Entrepreneurship – Capstone course for the small business/entrepreneurship concentration. Student teams assist companies in upgrading strategies
  • FINA 234 – New Ventures Finance - Fundamentals and practice of due diligence and screening of early-stage investment opportunities. Same as Mgt 296

Note: Students in the Sustainable Tourism Concentration may substitute TSTD 214 Consultative Processes for TSTD 297 Applied Strategic Planning. Most students take this course in the summer session combined with TSTD International Experience which involves a consulting project in a foreign country.