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Joint MSPM/MBA Degree Program

The Master of Science in Project Management (MSPM)/Master of Business Administration (MBA) joint degree program at the George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) is the first of its kind! By embarking on this joint degree program, students will graduate with 2 degrees, both an MSPM and an MBA. The program has a unique blend of modular and traditional courses, experiential learning through capstone courses and residencies, and a discipline-independent approach to business and project management with broad applications.

Students earning an MSPM and MBA at GWSB will be able to take advantage of GW's position as a leader at the intersection of business and politics. The GWSB programs integrate values of ethics, sustainability, and corporate citizenship in addition to providing strong theoretical and applied knowledge. By earning an MSPM and MBA from GW, students position themselves to shape the future of project-based business.


Students in the joint MSPM/MBA program can choose to participate in one of three MBA programs: the full-time cohort Global MBA (GMBA), the evening and weekend professional Accelerated MBA (AMBA), the evening Professional MBA (PMBA) or the Healthcare MBA (HCMBA). To view the Joint MSPM/HCMBA Degree Curriculum Guide, click here.

The joint degree program curriculum includes all required courses for both the MBA and the MSPM. Students in the GMBA program have an additional 4.5 credit hour international residency. Because courses can be taken and counted toward both degrees, students complete 18 fewer credit hours in the joint degree program than if they were completing each degree independently.

To view the Joint MSPM/MBA Degree Curriculum Guide, click here.


Students must apply to the MSPM and MBA programs independently and must be accepted to both in order to participate in the joint degree program. In addition to applying to both programs, students must submit a Combined Program Application for Admission. To view the Combined Program Application for Admission form, click here. Students may begin study in one program and apply to the other program later.


Once students apply for the joint degree program, the tuition rate will be set at the MBA tuition rate for all remaining courses.
MBA Tuition Rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am already an MSPM or MBA student, can I still apply?

Yes! If you are an MSPM student, you can apply for the joint degree program with the PMBA no later than 2 years after starting or upon completion of 24 credit hours, whichever comes first.

If you are a PMBA, AMBA or HCMBA student, you can apply for the MSPM program no later than 2 years after starting or upon completion of 24 credit hours, whichever comes first.

If you are a GMBA student, you can apply for the MSPM program no later than the end of your first year.

Are the admissions criteria different for current students?

Current students can waive the application fee and may be able to request that the programs share copies of university transcripts. Other than that, the process is exactly the same.

How many years can I take to complete the MSPM/MBA joint degree program?

Students have 7 years to complete all requirements for the joint degree program.

Who will be my adviser?

The joint degree program is administered by the Director of the Project Management Program, but all students will have an adviser in the MBA program and an adviser in the MSPM program. Students need to work with both advisers throughout their time here.

Is the MSPM/MBA joint degree program offered in the distance mode?

Unfortunately right now we are only able to offer the MSPM/HCMBA joint degree in the distance mode. The PMBA, AMBA, and GMBA joint degrees are only offered on campus.

How do I qualify for advanced academic standing?

Incoming students can waive up to 6 credit hours, per the set criteria for the MBA programs.

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MSPM Student Webzone

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