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Class Profile

Master of Science in Information Systems Technology (MSIST)

The MSIST program attracts both full-time and part-time students seeking to gain a technical understanding of information systems and hands-on experience that support what they do on a daily basis and give them the confidence and expertise to work more effectively within their professional environment.

Students have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. This mixture lends context and complexity to classroom discussions through examples of the issues faced on the job every day. The breadth and depth of the curriculum in business and technology allow students to build credibility in many different areas. They feel equally confident discussing technical issues with the technical team as well as discussing broader business implications and ideas with corporate executives and customers.

Students are business leaders and rising leaders from diverse companies including Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, government, consulting, and entrepreneurial projects and firms. Their individual years of experience ranges from a few years to 45+ years and includes many levels of educational experience ranging from undergraduate studies in a variety of disciplines to advanced degrees.

MSIST Student Statistics
  • Average Age: 27
  • Average Years Work Experience: 5
  • Percentage Holding Advanced Degrees: 8%
  • Gender: 60% male, 40% female

Executive MSIST

Cohort of Peers

The unique benefit of the Executive MSIST program is the cohort educational format. Each cohort is hand selected to provide representation from a mixture of private and public organizations mirroring today’s marketplace. Class discussions among peers, who learn from each other, provide insight into real IT/IS challenges facing contemporary organizations. The Executive MSIST program has attracted a broad cross-section of mid- and senior-level decision- makers. Participants in the program represent a wide range of professional disciplines and have a variety of academic backgrounds. The range of professional experience is from 7 to over 45 years, with most students falling into the 10-20 year range.

Executive MSIST Student Statistics
  • Average Age: 35
  • Average Years Work Experience: 12
  • Percentage Holding Advanced Degrees: 22%
  • Gender: 70% male, 30% female
Participant Titles

President, CIO, CEO, Physician, Special Counsel, Vice President, Deputy Director, Assistant Director, Director of Research and Development, Assistant to the CIO, Senior Analyst, Senior Marketing Specialist, Senior Engineer, General Manager, Division Director, Project Manger and Consultant.