School of Business

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International Business

Corporations, banks, government agencies, and consulting firms need professionals who have a "global" outlook and, thus, can work effectively and efficiently in continually changing international environments. The objective of the International Business Department is to prepare you for these challenges.

Faculty Advisors

Suggested Coursework

International Finance/Accounting
  • IBUS 6301: International Business Finance
  • IBUS 6302: Seminar in International Banking
  • IBUS 6303: External Development Financing
  • IBUS 6307: International Portfolio Management
  • IBUS 6308: International Reporting and Control
  • IBUS 6310: International Financial Reporting Standards
International Competition, Management & Strategy
  • IBUS 6401: International Business Strategy
  • IBUS 6402: Managing in Developing Countries
  • IBUS 6290: International Business Negotiations
  • IBUS 6201: International Marketing

Other Coursework Available

IBUS 290 classes are experimental courses on selected topics, which eventually may become part of the department's curriculum. Be advised that the scheduling varies based on faculty availability. The IBUS department also offers short term study abroad opportunities. Please check the International Education and Programs page for more information.

  • IBUS 6290: Oil: Industry, Economy, Society
  • IBUS 6297/IBUS 6290: Globalization and China's Business Environment (Short-term Study Abroad)
  • IBUS 6202: Privatization, National and Public/Private Partnerships (Short-term Study Abroad)

Career Paths

International Finance

  • International monetary policy
  • Corporate finance
  • Global financial markets
  • Development financing
  • International bank management

International Competition and Management

  • Strategy formulation and implementation in foreign companies
  • Operations management in multinational corporations
  • Strategic management for international government agencies

Possible Job Titles for MBAs in International Business

  • International trade specialist
  • Consultant
  • International sales manager
  • International finance manager
  • Investment officer
  • Global Market Research Manager
  • International Marketing Specialist
  • Foreign Market Analyst
  • Overseas Project Manager

A Selection of Companies Hiring MBAs in International Business

  • World Bank Group
  • US Department of Commerce
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • OPIC
  • US State Department
  • IFC
  • MBA Enterprise Corps
  • Price Waterhouse
  • AIG Trading
  • Xerox International