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Decisions Sciences and Operations Management (DSOM)

The DSOM knowledge domain is focused on the decision-making processes inherent in managing operations of all types. Since these aspects of operations management generally cross other business functions, the DSOM field emphasizes the application of decision-making models in a wide variety of operational settings.

A student choosing to focus in DSOM will be exposed to a wide variety of tools for data analysis, decision-making, and problem-solving. These techniques are not considered in isolation; rather, they are presented within the many different contexts an operations manager could face.

Suggested tracks:

  • Operations Supply Chain: Practice and Models

    Faculty Advisor: Prabir Bagchi,, 202-994-2197

    This track offers career opportunities in consulting or in corporate positions in specialities such as supply chain management, operations, business processes, materials management and quality assurance. Students learn to apply analytical and problem solving techniques.

    • DNSC 6290: Supply Chain Strategy
    • DNSC 6290: Supply Chain Modeling
    • DNSC 6290: Sustainable Supply Chain
    • DNSC 6234: Procurement & Contracting
    • DNSC 6267: Planning & Scheduling
    • DNSC 6290: Project Portfolio Management
  • Managerial Data Analysis

    Faculty Advisor: Refik Soyer,, 202-994-6445

    This track offers career opportunities in specialties requiring the extensive analysis of data. Students learn how to design and test alternative statistical models; how to search large databases for common (but hidden) patterns; how to build and test time series and forecasting models; how to capture information embedded in data irregularities and aberrations; and how to integrate multivariate data from disparate sources.

    • DNSC 6274: Statistical Modeling & Analysis
    • DNSC 6279: Data Mining
    • DNSC 6277: Applied Forecasting & Time Series Analysis
    • DNSC 6275: Advanced Statistical Modeling & Analysis
    • DNSC 6276: Exploratory & Multivariate Data Analysis

Certificate in Business Analytics

The Business Analytics Certificate Program is designed to provide excellent grounding in Analytics, a critical component of 21st Business careers, whether the practitioner's primary responsibility is in a functional area (Marketing, Operations, Finance, Strategy, International Business, HR) or a vertical such as Health Care or Tourism.

Certificate Requirements

To receive the Certificate in Business Analytics upon graduation, students should fulfill the three components listed below.

  1. Coursework 6 credit hours of course work comprised of the following four courses –

    • Applied Database and Web Analytics (1.5 Credits)
    • Data Mining Models (1.5 Credits)
    • Forecasting Models for Analytics (1.5 Credits)
    • Decision Models for Analytics (1.5 Credits)
  2. Project For an organization of your choice, apply the analytic assessment criteria as presented in Competing in Analytics (Davenport & Harris) to evaluate their current stage of analytic competency. Develop an analytical roadmap with concrete recommendations for this organization outlining how they could enhance their competitive position by applying analytics.
  3. Attendance at BA Seminars Attend at least two BA seminars and submit write-ups describing what you learned. Please note that IBM's Analytics Solutions Center in Washington DC hosts many seminars during the year (for a schedule, click here), and as does I2SDS (for a schedule, click here).

For more information about the certificate, please click here (link to certificate PDF).

Careers Objectives for MBAs in Decision Sciences and Operations Management

  • Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Program Director

A Selection of Companies hiring MBAs in Decision Sciences and Operations

  • Management
  • AS Institute – Software
  • Bearing Point
  • Goodyear
  • AOL Time Warner
  • Ithink
  • AMS – American Management Systems
  • Accenture
  • IDS-Scheer
  • Expert Choice, Inc.
  • SAP – e-business solutions