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As a new MBA student here at the George Washington University, you are sure to have questions regarding the program. Please find the most frequently asked questions here:

I’m attending another school and would like to transfer to GWU. What are the guidelines concerning transfer students?

To transfer you will need to go through the regular application process. We can transfer up to 6 credits into our program from outside universities. Please let us know if you have any more questions - for more information please visit the following URL:

How long does it take to complete the Global MBA Program?

Students complete 57 credit hours and can finish the program, depending on pace, in 16, 18 or 21 months. To accelerate studies, students may take classes during the summer semester. We highly recommend that a student complete an internship to strengthen the resume.

How many credits are required in the Professional MBA program?

The PMBA program is a 52.5-credit program. Students take a total of 23 core courses (at 1.5 credits each) and 18 credits of electives. Students may take any combination of 1.5 and 3 credit courses.

What is the tuition rate?

MBA students are charged per credit hour. The School of Business tuition rate for the 2013-2014 academic year is $1485 per credit hour.

What if I have questions regarding Financial Aid?

The Graduate Programs Office does not have expertise in this area. Please direct all questions to the Financial Aid Office. To speak with a representative by phone, call (202) 994-9000. You can also send an email to If you prefer to meet with someone in person, please go to Colonial Central in the Marvin Center Ground floor and talk with one of the counselors during walk in hours (

You can view your application information on myGW.

Can I transfer from the Accelerated MBA Program into the Flex Program and vice versa?

The cohort structure of the Accelerated MBA Program does not allow students to transfer into the program. If necessary, AMBA students may transfer out of the accelerated format into the flex format.

Can I take an elective course in another GW school such as The Elliott School of International Affairs or Columbian College of Arts and Sciences?

You may choose 200-level electives from any program within the School of Business, as long as the course relates to your program of study. You may take up to six graduate level credit hours outside of the School without special petition to the PMBA director (if transfer courses from another institution are not being applied to your elective requirements).

What is the difference between waiving a course and transferring a course?

Only core courses can be waived based upon previous graduate-level coursework taken within five years of starting the program. A grade of “B” or better is required, and the course must be completed at an AACSB accredited school. For more information, refer to the MBA Waiver Policy given in your Admissions Materials .

MBA students may waive a maximum of four core courses without substitution. If more than four courses are waived, elective courses must be substituted. Up to six transfer credits can count toward electives. *Note: AMBA and GMBA students can only waive one course per each module.

Where do I find what books I need for class?

The GW Bookstore should be your first place to look for required course materials. You can follow the link below and enter your course information to see the required materials listed. If the books are not listed there, you can contact your professor and ask if this information is available.

*Note: For the GMBA, AMBA, and EMBA programs, booklists will be given to students a week before each module begins.

GW Bookstore

How is the modular format different from the semester format?

The GW MBA Programs operate a modular format for all core courses in the program. Each module lasts 7 weeks with a finals week, and each semester has two modules. The modular format has several advantages, such as flexibility in scheduling, attracting business practitioners to offer practical-based electives, and to give students a broader knowledge base by offering more courses. Where the typical semester format lasts 14-15 weeks and has “lulls” during certain times, the modular format is rigorous and constant, allowing the student to stay fully engaged in the curriculum. Also, it increases the strength of your degree in that the new innovative, top-ranked curriculum will make your degree more valuable long after graduation!

Can I take courses at other Universities within the DC metro area, or other schools?

Students may request (by petition) to take courses from other AACSB accredited universities and through the Consortium Program. The George Washington University is a member of the Consortium of Universities of the Metropolitan Washington Area, which include American University, Catholic University of America, Gallaudet University, George Mason University, The George Washington University, Georgetown University, Howard University, Marymount University, the University of the District of Columbia, and the University of Maryland. GW MBA students may take courses at any Consortium member institution with the approval of the academic advisor and program director. Students must be in good academic standing and may enroll in up to six hours of approved courses through the Consortium. If the same course is offered on the GW campus during the same semester, approval will not be granted. Students register and pay tuition at GW for all Consortium courses, but course fees are paid to the visiting institution. Students may not take on-line courses through the Consortium. Procedures for Consortium registration are detailed on the Registrar’s website.

Does GW offer online courses?

Yes, the GWSB offers some online courses, but most of these are elective courses. At this time, we only offer a few core courses online. Please consult with your advisor about online options.

What should I do if I need to take a semester off?

A student who must interrupt active pursuit of the MBA degree for a semester or more may petition the program director for a leave of absence of up to one year. A student who discontinues active enrollment in the academic program without being granted a leave of absence must apply for readmission and will be subject to the new regulations and requirements in force. Students granted a leave of absence must complete the degree within five years, including the leave of absence.

How do I apply for a leave of absence?

You can petition to take a leave of absence through your program advisor. A student petition form must be completed and approved before you can be enrolled in a Leave of Absence.

What Career Services are provided to students?

The F. David Fowler Career Center is staffed by professionals who provide the following services: personal career coaching, job opportunities including on campus recruiting, job search strategies workshops, resume development and interviewing skills. You can make individual advising appointments with at least a day’s notice by calling 202-994-6704 or sending an email to Additional information on the Career Center and services can be found at

What is the MBA Webzone, and what is its purpose?

The MBA Webzone is our student intranet containing all of the important information needed to be successful in the program. The features of Webzone include a student directory, announcements, and a course planner which students can use to “map out” their plan of study. With the course planner, the administration gathers this data to influence what courses to offer in any given semester, including electives and core courses. While it can be used as a valuable predictive tool, it also serves as a planning tool for our MBA students. The student directory allows students to upload their bios, search for fellow classmates with similar interest areas, and network. All announcements are posted on Webzone in lieu of sending tons of emails through the list-serve. Basically, it is your one-stop shop to accessing the tools needed as an MBA student.

What are my options if I would like to study abroad?

Students may take up to 6 credits of study abroad coursework. Please visit the Office of Study Abroad website at for the most up-to-date list of study abroad offerings.