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GWSB MBA Experience

Why GW?

7 reasons you should come to GW to get your MBA:

1. Flexibility: You can take 18 credits of electives of your choice, giving you the opportunity to market yourself to future employers as you see fit. We offer classes in the evenings, weekends, and online to accommodate both internship and working schedules.

2. Sustainability and Ethics: GWSB is a leader in the world with sustainability efforts and corporate social responsibility, and supported by the Institute of Corporate Responsibility (ICR).. Whether you take the exceptional courses offered in this area, or create a project on your own, you will be ahead of the game when you leave these doors.

3. Faculty: The GW School of Business has WORLD-CLASS FACULTY (over 125 strong) who are leaders in their fields, innovators in emerging professions, and pioneers in scholarship, and, who also happen to be award-winning educators.

4. International Opportunities: One of the values here at GWSB is globalization and creating leaders with a global mindset. We offer several opportunities to actually delve into the international market, whether it is through short-term study abroad, our top ranked International Business department, or Global Business Projects. We think it is so important, we require an International Residency in the GMBA program. To learn more about these, click here.

5. Location: Surrounding the GWSB community are businesses such as the International Monetary Fund, the State Department, The World Bank, and one of the most well known addresses in the nation, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House! Not only is our location superb, but the energy felt and dynamic experiences offered on the GW campus are felt by each and every student.

6. Not just another number: The small class sizes of the MBA program here allow much more interaction with faculty and the administration. Our faculty will know your name, and treat you as a peer rather than another number in a class of 100. Here, you will be engaged in countless conversations in and outside of the classroom with some of the most influential people in the business industry.

7. Real World Experience: GW MBA students are provided a myriad of opportunities through the classroom, through research, and through internships to consult and gain hands-on, real world experience for an assortment of Fortune 500 companies, from General Motors to America Online.

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