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Joo Hwan Seo

Joo Hwan Seo

Department: Marketing

Address: Funger Hall, Suite 301

Phone: (202) 994-8200


Degrees: PhD Candidate

Expected Graduation Date: August 2012

Dissertation Title: Slotting Fees and Marketing Strategy

Areas of Expertise: Quantitative Marketing, Marketing Strategy (B&B, Distribution Channel, Sales, Promotion), Field Study


Li, Haiqi, Sung Y. Park and Joo Hwan Seo (2011), "Quantile elasticity of international tourism demand for South Korea using the quantile autoregressive distributed lag model, " Tourism Economics, 17(5), 997-1015.

Seo, Joo Hwan, Sung Y. Park and Soyoung Boo (2010), "Interrelationships Among Korean Outbound Tourism Demand - Granger Causality, " Tourism Economics, 16(3), 597-610.

Seo, Joo Hwan, Sung Y. Park and Larry Yu (2009), "The Analysis of the Relationships of Korean Outbound Tourism Demands : Jeju Island and Three Destinations," Tourism Management, 30(4), 530-543. (Top tier Journal in Tourism Field, 5-year Impact factor: 3.415)

Current Research:

Seo, Joo Hwan, Vanessa Perry, David Tomczyk and George Solomon, "Looking out for the little guy: The Effects of Managerial Technical Assistance on Small Business Performance." (Status: Under Review at Journal of Business Research)

Yim, Mark Yi-Cheon, Seung-Chul Yoo, Brian D. Till and Joo Hwan Seo, "Hedonic Shoppers to Buyers Psychological and Behavioral Routes of Consumer Purchases in a Supermarket." (Status: Under Review at Journal of Business Research)


The George Washington School of Business Doctoral Fellowship, 2010-2012

INFORMS Society of Marketing Science Doctoral Consortium, Rice University, June 2011

45th American Marketing Association - Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow, Texas Christian University, June 2010