The George Washington University
School of Business: Management

Sample Syllabi

Course Number Course Title Instructor(s)
BADM 1101 Organizational Behavior Hill, Cohen
BADM 2003W Analysis of Business Issues Hannan
BADM 3101 Human Resource Management MgHugh, Hill, Staff
MGT 3201 Leadership Bailey, El Tarabishy, Swiercz
MGT 4001 Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Frey
MGT 4101 Small Business Management Singh
MGT 4102 Entrepreneurship Singh
MBAD 6161 Organizations and Leadership Kayes, Bailey, Stouder
MBAD 6262 Managing Human Capital Swiercz, Umpleby, Stouder
MBAD 6265 Entrepreneurship El Tarabishy, Singh
MGT 6210 Individual and Group Dynamics in Organizations Kayes, Bailey, Hill
MGT 6213 Change Management Umpleby, Kayes
MGT 6214 Consulting Skills and Processes Winslow
MGT 6215 Conflict Management and Negotiations Bailey, Swiercz
MGT 6216 Cross-Cultural Mangement Umpleby, Bailey
MGT 6254 Negotiations and Labor Relations McHugh, Swiercz
MGT 6257 Performance Management & Development Burnett
MGT 6258 Applied Organizational Leadership Swiercz, Bailey
MGT 6259 Employment Law and Ethics Swiercz, MgHugh
MGT 6290 Women's Entrepreneurship Leadership Frey
MGT 6290 Perspectives on Leadership Bailey
MGT 6290 e-Entrepreneurship May
MGT 6291 Entrepreneurship Solomon
MGT 6292 Small Business Management Solomon, Singh
MGT 6293 New Venture Initiation Solomon
MGT 8385 Research Methods Staff
MGT 8397 Doctoral Seminar - Learning, Leadership, Crisis Staff