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Current Ph.D. Students

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Jeewhan Yoon

Kevin May

Nawaf Alabduljader

Ravi Ramani

Young Ji


Recent Ph.D. Graduates  


Year Graduated

Dissertation Title


Current Position

Han-Huei Tsay


Understanding Students' Adaptation to Graduate School: An Integration of Social Support Theory and Social Learning Theory

D. Christopher Kayes  

Jae Hyeung Kang


CEOs' Transformational Leadership and Managers' Innovative Behavior: The Investigation of Intervening Effects in an Entrepreneurial Context

George T. Solomon Faculty, Oakland University
Fang He 2012

Learning from Failure: The Making of Entrepreneurial Leaders

George T. Solomon

Faculty, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Jonathan Mark Phillips 2011 The Entrepreneurial Esquire: Entrepreneurial Climate as a Mediator Between Transformational Leadership and Performance in Law Firms Erik K. Winslow Faculty, Belmont University
Jung Hyun Lee 2011 The Effects of Leadership Behavior on Workplace Harassment,
Employee Outcomes, and Organizational Effectiveness in Small Businesses
Jaclyn M. Jensen Faculty, University of Michigan Dearborn
David Tomczyk 2010 The Relationship Between Long-Term Video Game Playing and Individuals' Entrepreneurial Traits and Intent: An Exploratory Study George Solomon Faculty, Quinnipiac University

George Hrivnak


Exploring the Mechanisms and Effects of Supervisor-Subordinate Extraversion Fit on Leader-Member Exchange Perceptions

Tjai Nielsen

Faculty, Bond U.

Melissa Knott


Individual Team Member Self-Perception of Team Learning Beliefs and Behaviors: Developing a Measure and Testing a Model

D. Christopher Kayes

Faculty, Western New England College

Mark A. Arvisais


Narcissism as a Trait of Full-Range Leadership: A Historiometric Investigation of Corporate Executives

Erik K. Winslow

Faculty, Towson U.

Diane Bridge


Workplace Litigation: Applicant Perceptions of Organizational Attractiveness and Its Influence on Job Choice Decisions

Patrick McHugh

National Labor Relations Board

David Compton


High Reliability Leadership: Developing Executive Leaders for High Reliability Organizations

Erik K. Winslow

Department of Energy

Rayshad A. Holmes


Class Effects: An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Socio-Economic Status among African Americans

James R. Bailey

Department of Veterans Affairs

Janet Nixdorff


Unraveling the Process: A Qualitative Study of Entrepreneurial Cognition in Opportunity Recognition


Erik K. Winslow

Faculty, West Virginia State University

Jonathan D. Raelin


Resistance to Change: Can and Underlying Affective Structure Provide Explanatory Evidence?

James R. Bailey

Faculty, Loyola College

Lu Zhang


Corporate Social Responsibility, Applicants’ Ethical Predispositions, and Organizational Attraction: A Person-Organization Fit Perspective

Mary A. Gowan

Faculty, Penn State University, Harrisburg

Susan G. Duffy


Entrepreneurial Learning: Exploring Unexpected Key Events in the Post-startup Period

Erik K. Winslow

Faculty, Simmons College

Margot Moody


Adaptive Behavior in Intercultural Environments: The Relationship between Cultural Intelligence Factors and Big Five Personality Traits

James R. Bailey

Change Management Consultant

Craig R. Seal


Emotional Intelligence: An Exploratory Study of Emotional Ability as a Moderator between Emotional Competency and Performance Outcomes

James R. Bailey

Director and Faculty, U. of the Pacific

Nathanael L. Allen


Leader Development in Dynamic and Hazardous Environments: Company Commander Learning in Combat

D. Christopher Kayes

Faculty, US Military Academy, West Point

Susan D. Baker


The Effect of Leader-Follower Agreement on Team Effectiveness

Erik K. Winslow

Faculty, U. of Baltimore

Mary D. Sass


Collaboration as Information Sharing: The Effect of Dispositional Trust and Situational Perceptions of Power on Collaborative Outcomes

James R. Bailey

Faculty, Western Washington U.