The George Washington University
School of Business: Management

Faculty Research: Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy




Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy, Associate Teaching Professor in Management, Executive Director, International Council for Small Business (ICSB)



  • Selected Publications:
    • Books
      • El Tarabishy, A. (2012). Information Technology for Small Business, Managing the Digital Enterprise. Springer, Boston, MA.
      • Renko, M. El Tarabishy, A. (2011). Entrepreneurial Leadership in Family Firms. Understand Family Business: Neglected topics, new approaches and theories. Springer, Boston, MA.
      • Iandoli, L. Parente, R. El Tarabishy, A. (2011). TechnoModel Creative Destruction in the Italian High Fashion Industry. Cases in European Entrepreneurship edited by Thomas M. Cooney. European Entrepreneurship Case Study Resource Centre. Brussels.
    • Book Chapters
      • Monsen, E., Urbig, D. Renko, M. El Tarabishy, A. E. & Schoedt, L. (2010). Explaining Entrepreneurial Intent and Behavior: Moderating Effects of Efficacy and Control Beliefs. Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, 30. Wellesley, MA: Babson College
      • El Tarabishy, A. (2009). Social Media for Teaching Leadership. Software and internet based materials to accompany. Peter G. Northouse, Leadership: Theory and practice. (5th ed.)
        ousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
      • Solomon, G., Duffy, S and Tarabishy, A. 2005. The State of Entrepreneurship Education in the United States: A Nationwide Survey and Analysis. In Keystones of Entrepreneurial Knowledge, Malden Mass: Blackwell Publishing.
    • Articles
      • Sashkin, M., El-Tarabishy, A., & Harvey, M.(2009, January/February). Stogdill 60 years later: The role of character in leadership effectiveness. The Member Connector, 12-14.
      • El Tarabishy, A., & Sashkin, M.(2008). Social entrepreneurship at the macro-level: Three lessons for success. Innovations: Technology/Governance/Globalization, 3(3), 56-64.
      • El Tarabishy, A., Solomon, G., and Sashkin, M. (2005). The entrepreneurial leader’s impact on organizational performance in dynamic markets. The Journal of Private Equity, 8(4), 20-30.
      • Fernald, L., Solomon, G ., and El Tarabishy, A. (2005). A New Paradigm: Entrepreneurial leadership. Southern Business Review, 30 (2), 1-10.
      • Solomon, G., Duffy, S. and El Tarabishy, A. (2002). The State of Entrepreneurship Education in the United States: A Nationwide Survey and Analysis. International Journal of Entrepreneurship Education 1(1): 00-00
  • Interests:
    • Primary Topics of Interest: Entrepreneurial Leadership, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurial Experiential Education, Transformational Leadership
    • Industries of Interest: Education industry, information technology, internet, management consulting, and software