The George Washington University
School of Business: Management

Dissertations Supported

CFEE has frequently supported doctoral students' research, publications, and dissertations within the GWSB Department of Management. Presented below is a sample of doctoral dissertations promoted and upheld by CFEE since its founding in 2005.

  • Yoon, Jeewhan (2013). Team Learning and Financial Performance: The Effects of Psychological Safety and Team Supervisor Support.
  • He, Vivianna Fang (2013). Learning from Failure: The Making of Entrepreneurial Leaders.
  • Kang, Jae Hyeung (2012). CEOs' Transformational Leadership and Managers’ Innovative Behavior: The Investigation of Intervening Effects in Entrepreneurial Context. Committee:
  • Tomczyk, David (2011). The Relationship between Long-Term Video Game Playing and
    Individuals’ Entrepreneurial Traits and Intent: An Exploratory Study
    . Committee: G.
  • Phillips, Jonathan Mark (2011). Professional Service Entrepreneurship: The Effect of Transformational Leadership upon Entrepreneurial Climate and Performance in Professional Service Firms.
  • Lee, Junghyun (2011). The Effects of Leadership Behavior On Workplace Harassment, Employee Outcomes, And Organizational Effectiveness In Small Businesses.
  • Arvisais, Mark A. (2008). Narcissism as a Trait of Full-Range Leadership: A Historiometric Investigation of Corporate Executives.
  • Nixdorff, Janet (2008) Unraveling the Process: A Qualitative Study of Entrepreneurial Cognition in Opportunity Recognition.
  • Compton, David (2008). High Reliability Leadership: Developing Executive Leaders for High Reliability Organizations.
  • Duffy, Susan (2007). Entrepreneurial Learning: Exploring Unexpected Key Events in Post Start-up.
  • Baker, Susan (2006). The Effect of Leader-Follower Agreement on Team Effectiveness.