Select Faculty Publications and Presentations

John Artz, associate professor of information systems and technology management, has received a Computing Reviews web badge. He was awarded the distinction for publishing 100 reviews in Computing Reviews, the journal of the Association of Computing Machinery.

Hossein Askari, Iran Professor of International Business and International Affairs, Scheherazade Rehman, professor of international finance, and the World Bank’s Nora Arfaa have published the book “Corruption and its Manifestation in the Persian Gulf.” The authors investigated various forms and measures of corruption, examined whether corruption is more acute in Persian Gulf countries than elsewhere and looked at corruption in oil- and natural gas-rich economies. They also analyzed the major factors that encourage corrupt practices and how they impact economic growth and social development.

J. Howard Beales, associate professor of strategic management and public policy, testified Sept. 23 before the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection. He addressed proposed legislation covering sales practices in the precious metals and rare coin markets.

Edward Cherian, professor of information systems and technology management, presented “Can Distance Education Equal Classroom Learning?”at the International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation held Nov. 15-17 in Madrid, Spain.

Timothy Fort, executive director of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility and professor of strategic management and public policy, received the SIM Best Book Award from the Social Issues in Management division of the Academy of Management. Fort’sbook,Business, Integrity, and Peace, published in October 2007, advocates the benefits of ethical business practices. The award was announced in the Aspen Institute Center for Business Education e-newsletter in September.

Fort recently published Peace Through Commerce: A Multisectoral Approach. The book, available through Springer, was previously published as part of a special issue of theJournal of Business.

Katherine Korman Frey, adjunct professor of management and GWSB Entrepreneur in Residence, organized a “Sisterhood University”at GWSB. The Oct. 9 event brought female community leaders together in an effort to increase personal and professional self-efficacy.

Theodore Glickman, professor of decision sciences, co-authored a paper titled “The Nested Event Tree Model with Application to Combating Terrorism”in the Fall 2010 issue of INFORMS Journal of Computing. Brian Lunday of West Point and Hanif Sherali of Virginia Tech also contributed to the paper, which aims to “model and solve the strategic problem of minimizing the expected loss inflicted by a hostile terrorist organization.”

Angela Gore, assistant professor of accountancy, received the AAA 2010 Wildman Medal Award at the Aug. 3 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting. She was awarded this distinction for her paper “Consequences of GAAP Disclosure Regulation: Evidence from Municipal Debt Issues” co-authored with William Baber, professor of financial and managerial accounting at Georgetown University.

Doug Guthrie, dean, professor of international business and professor of management, discussed key factors in China’s economic success during an Oct. 7 seminar on sustainability in China. The GWSB seminar also examined why China’s adoption rate for green technologies surpasses that of the United States.

Guthrie also spoke at the G2 at GW: 3rd Annual Conference on China’s Economic Development and U.S.-China Economic Relations. At that Oct. 8 gathering, he presented his paper, “Economic Development and U.S.-China Relations.”

William Halal, professor emeritus of information systems and technology management, made a presentation on Oct. 18 as part of the “Aviation Unleashed” panel led by Dennis Bushnell, NASA Langley’s chief scientist. Halal shared findings from his TechCast project, which put a date on important future milestones. Two days later, Halal served on the Mexico Encounter 2010 “Tools, Technologies and Social Gaps” panel, discussing the effect of today’s technological revolution on society.

On Sept. 14, Halal gave a presentation titled “Bank Failure” before a packed audience at the Charlotte Economics Club in North Carolina.

William C. Handorf, professor of finance, and Haiyan Yin, assistant professor of finance at Indiana University South Bend, published “State Dependency of Bank Stock Reaction to Federal Funds Rate Target Changes” in the fall issue of The Journal of Financial Research. Handorf also published “Portfolio Diversification and Business Lending” in Commercial Lending Review (September/October 2010) and a Sept. 7 editorial on Wall Street reform in Valor Econômico in São Paulo, Brazil.

Salah Hassan, chair and professor of the Department of Marketing, presented a paper at the Sept. 9-12 Global Marketing Conference in Tokyo. His paper, “Nation Branding Effects on Retrospective Global Evaluation of Past Travel Experiences,” was co-authored with Milena Nikolova, PhD, ’10.

Sanjay Jain, associate professor of decision sciences, published two papers in the proceedings of the 2010 Winter Simulation Conference. “A Framework for Multi-Resolution Modeling of Sustainable Manufacturing,” co-authored with Deogratias Kibira of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), proposes use of system dynamics for analysis of policy options for sustainable manufacturing. The second paper, “A Knowledge Sharing Framework for Homeland Security Modeling and Simulation,” co-authored with Charles W. Hutchings of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Charles R. McLean and Tina Lee of NIST, defines a framework for coordinating modeling and simulation efforts for homeland security applications.

Jain also published a paper in the International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Volume 6, Issue 4, 2010. “Infrastructure for model-based production scheduling”was co-authored with Lars Mönch of the University of Hagen, Thomas Jähnig of Qimonda and Peter Lendermann of D-SIMLAB Technologies. The paper discusses the infrastructure required for implementation of model-based production scheduling software.

Jaclyn M. Jensen, professor of management, co-authored “The Fifth Scenario: Identity Expansion in Organizational Psychology” with David Costanza, GW professor of organizational sciences and communication. The paper appeared in the September 2010 issue ofIndustrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.

Jensen also gave two presentations at the Academy of Management meeting, held Aug. 6-10 in Montreal. They were “The Context of Workplace Harassment: HR Practices, Work Environments and Organizational Factors” and “Credibility Perceptions: Effects on Attitudes, Intentions, And Behaviors.”

D. Christopher Kayes, assistant professor of management science, published “Learning-Directed Leadership in a Changing World” in Vol. 21 of The Systems Thinker newsletter and “Learning and work satisfaction in Asia: A comparative study of Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian managers” in the International Journal of Human Resource Management. His co-author was Yoshitaka Yamazaki of the International University of Japan.

Kayes took part in the annual meeting of the Academy of Management, held August 6-10 in Montreal, where he co-presented a paper titled “Emotionally intelligent norms and their relationship to teamlearning and performance” with Han-Huei Tsay, a GWSB management doctoralstudent.

Additionally, Kayes presented “Team learning in novel and complex situations: Perspectives frombusiness and beyond”on May 20 at the Johns Hopkins Medical School Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Grand Rounds in Baltimore.

Mark Klock, interim associate dean for research and doctoral studies, presented a paper Nov. 1 at a Florida State University seminar. The paper, “On the Acquisition of Equity Carve-outs,” was co-authored with Chintal Desai, PhD, ’08, and Sattar Mansi, PhD, ’99.

Klock also published in the fall issue of the Arizona State Law Journal. His paper, “Lessons Learned from Bernard Madoff: Why We Should Partially Privatize the Barney Fifes at the SEC,” discusses financial market fraud.

Young Hoon Kwak, associate professor of decision sciences, published a report in the IBM Center for The Business of Government’s Fall/Winter 2010 edition ofThe Business of Government. The report was titled “Project Management in Government: An Introduction to Earned Value Management.”

Miguel Lejeune, assistant professor of decision sciences, published a study in the 2010 Handbook of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management. His study, “Combinatorial Methods for Constructing Credit Risk Ratings,” was co-authored with Alex Kogan of Rutgers University.

He also published in the European Journal of Operational Research. His article, “Mathematical Programming Generation of p-Efficient Points,” co-authored with Nilay Noyan of Sabanci University, appeared in Volume 207, Issue 2 of the journal.

Ying Li, GWSB assistant professor of accountancy, co-authored an article with Donal Byard and Yong Yu. “The Effect of Mandatory IFRS Adoption on Financial Analysts’ Information Environment” was selected for publication in the Journal of Accounting Research.

Tjai M. Nielsen, dean’s research scholar and assistant professor of management, had “Utility of OCB: Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Group Performance in a Resource Allocation Framework” selected for publication in the highly regarded Journal of Management.

Nielsen was also recently recognized as one of the top reviewers for the Journal of Organizational Behavior. Nielsen has served on the editorial board since 2008.

Scheherazade Rehman, director of the European Union Research Center, was recognized by the GW 2010 Service Excellence Celebration Committee. She received the Parent Choice Award in November for her commitment to exceptional service.

Rehman, a professor of international finance, was a panelist at The Brookings Institution’s Dec. 1 workshop titled “In the Wake of the Crisis: Macroeconomic Dilemmas and Financial Regulation Challenges For Europe, America and the World. She was also a keynote speaker at the Missouri Valley Economic Association’s Oct. 28 “State of the Union” panel and she presented a co-authored the paper “Explaining the Returns of Active Currency Managers and Public Investorsfor the Third Joint Bank of International Settlements/European Central Bank/World Bank Public Investors Conference held in Basel, Switzerland, Nov 2-3.

Jorge E. Rivera, professor of strategic management and public policy, has published Business and Public Policy: Responses to Environmental and Social Protection Processes. The book presents a new theoretical framework for understanding therelationship between protective public policies and business compliance.

Robert Savickas, associate professor of finance, and Jorge Rivera, associate professor of strategic management and public policy, were recently honored with the Peter Vaill award. The award was established in honor of Vaill, a former GWSB professor who was celebrated for his commitment to assisting doctoral students. The professors received their plaques of recognition at the Sept. 24 faculty meeting.

Jorge Walter, professor of strategic management and public policy, joined Daniel Levin of Rutgers University and Melissa Appleyard of Portland State University in a presentation titled “Trusted Bridging Ties: A Dyadic Solution to the Brokerage-Closure Dilemma” at the Academy of Management meeting held Aug. 6-10 in Montreal.

Walter presented the paper,“Decision alignment: A missing link in the relationship betweenstrategic consensus and organizational performance,” at the Fifth Annual Mid-Atlantic Strategy Colloquium held Nov. 12-13 in College Park, Md. Co-authors on the paper include F.W. Kellermanns, J. Walter, J. Matherne, S.W. Floydand J.F. Veiga.

Walter also wrote the chapter “Strategic decision processes in the realm of strategic alliances” in the Handbook of Research on Strategy Process and published “Dormant Ties: The Value of Reconnecting” in the journal Organization Science. The latter, co-authored with Daniel Levin of Rutgers University and J. Keith Murnighan of the Kellogg School of Management, came out of a study that examined the value of reconnecting with people from one’s past.

Robert Weiner, professor of international business, public policy and public administration and international affairs, presented a paper at the Sept. 17-18 Yale Law School Economics of Anti-Corruption Policy Conference. He co-authored the paper, “Conflict and Corruption in International Trade: Who Helped Iraq Circumvent United Nations Sanctions?” with Yujin Jeong, PhD, ’10, assistant professor of international business at HEC Montreal.

Weiner and Jeong also co-authored the paper, “Sacks of Cash, Tankers of Oil: Who helped Iraq circumvent United Nations’ sanctions?” It received honorable mention in the first Transparency International Anti-Corruption Research Network research paper competition.

Meanwhile, Weiner discussed “State Capitalism and Foreign Direct Investment: Are Chinese and Indian Companies Buying up the World’s Oil?” at a seminarco-sponsored by the International Business Department, the Rising Powers Initiative within the Elliott School of International Affairs’ Sigur Center for Asian Studies and the Asia Society. The Oct. 22 seminar was based on Weiner’s paper “Do Managers Carry the Flag? Evidence from Foreign Resource Acquisition,” co-authored with Jeong.

Yanfeng Xue, assistant professor in the Department of Accountancy, co-authored with John Robinson and Yong Yu an article titled “Determinants of disclosure noncompliance and the effect of the SEC review: evidence from the 2006 mandated compensation disclosure regulations.” The paper was selected for publication in the Accounting Review.

He also co-authored an article with Michael Clement and Jeffery Hales, “Understanding Analysts’ Use of Stock Returns and Other Analysts’ Revisions when Forecasting Earnings,” which was selected for publication in the Journal of Accounting and Economics.

Jiawen Yang, professor of international business and international affairs, co-authored a paper with Deming Wu of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and Han Hong of Stanford University. “Securitization and Banks’ Equity Risk” was published online Sept. 4 by the Journal of Financial Services Research.

Yang also co-authored a paper with Hui He of James Madison University. “Regime-switching analysis of ADR home market pass-through” appeared inthe Journal of Banking & Finance.