Spring 2011

Cover Story

Financial Literacy for Folks Like Us

Annamaria Lusardi, professor of accountancy and economics, has gained a reputation as one of the world’s leading economists in a field that is dominating the headlines: financial literacy.


From Exxon to Enron: Alumnus Touches All the Bases

After nearly 35 years, former GW baseball coach Mike Toomey can still tick off the attributes of his former center fielder like he was reading from a scouting report.

Coach Takes One for the Team

In January 2010, the New York Yankees were courting an extraordinarily talented high school senior named Kevin Jordan. Instead of going pro, however, the swift, power-hitting, outfielder decided he would enroll at Wake Forest University and join its baseball team, donning the pinstripes immediately.

Mentors Bring the ‘Real World’ to the MBA Program

Robert Van Order, a professor of finance, arrived at The George Washington University School of Business in August 2009 with extensive experience, impressive credentials and a daunting challenge. His mission? To discover why the U.S. housing market collapsed and what could be done to prevent it from happening again.

Charlie Bendit: Crazy, Gutsy, Visionary

Before the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City sprouted chi-chi shops, restaurants and art galleries, it had hulking dinosaurs like the old Port Authority freight-handling warehouse.