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Student Research Projects and Presentations

Executive Master of Science in Information Systems Technology Capstone Projects

Athletikids is an integrated facebook‐like website hosting all youth sports for all communities potentially across the nation. Unique within the online sports management market, this Web 2.0 social networking site is elegant, simple and easy to use; has pages similar in look/feel/functionality for all sports across all communities; is free to use for all youth athletes; and provides an online youth sports community coupled with a robust league management system that supports e‐commerce and team registration. Users only need to register their kids once and then can easily sign them up for individual sports and pay registration fees with a few clicks of the mouse. Sports training can also be purchased via the site and future versions of the site will allow users to purchase the required sporting equipment. Parents also benefit from a unified sports calendar and alert messaging system, available on the web and via smart phones, for all of their children across all sports they play.

Application Deployment as a Managed Service (ADAAMS) Remember the day when we used typewriters to create documents? Those days are long gone for most of us due to the widespread availability of computers and we have software applications that help us create documents or spreadsheets or perform other computer related tasks. There are many applications that run on our personal computers that allow us to send email or create pictures or videos. Most PCs come with applications pre‐installed. On a larger scale, most organizations use their Information Technology department to install software on all of the PCs. What happens to this task when the organization, such as the Federal Government, has more than 1 million employees? Software application installation becomes costly and very hard to manage. Additionally, the Government does not have a way of sharing software licenses across agencies or a way of looking at all of the software applications that are installed, how many people are using those applications, etc. Not only is software application management a daunting task, it is also costly. ADAAMS recognizes this problem as an opportunity to help the Government with software application deployment. We provide a service with sophisticated technology and staff that allows us to manage all aspects of software deployment. We will save the government money with our service because we will manage the software to streamline the software deployment process as well as identify unused software so that it can be removed, so that licenses can be managed more effectively and in general, handle all of the application deployment issues. Managing PCs should not be difficult. Leave it to the experts. ADAAMS – Application Deployment As A Managed Service.

BirdWatcher is a unique time and location awareness solution that provides the ability to geotag and track data (images and text entries) on a timeline via web page. Location review will utilize a map view that will show all entries as “push‐pins” on a size adjusted map, depending on the distance between “pins”. The BirdWatcher website will collect personalized media via journals as well as allow users to share tagged data with other users of similar interest via communities.

Master of Science in Information Systems Technology Capstone Projects

The KASPER Project Management Portfolio System capstone presents the design and prototype for the KASPER product, a multi‐user, IT project portfolio management system. Built using open source standards it can be implemented on corporate owned commodity hardware, or easily deployed on a cloud based service from any one of several vendors. Kasper enables management to quickly review all IT projects, sort them by which overall business objectives they support, rank them by their return on investment (ROI), view which projects have the highest risk management requirements, which are over/under budget and which are on time, late, or projected to be late, and compare any two (or more) projects to each other on a side by side basis. This powerful project inventory is not isolated on your desktop, but is available to be reviewed by all managers and updated by all project managers for an organization.

The Virtual Emergency Room Trainer (VERT) capstone project is a unique system that fills a niche market that has yet to be recognized by other health care training organizations. The training in the art of triage, particularly as practiced in an emergency department or emergency room setting, lacks a computerized training simulation environment to expose trainees to real life scenarios. The VERT system is a three dimensional triage training environment utilizing simulation technologies analogous to those in which Second Life is built upon. This environment is unique, but at the same time a replica of the environment that emergency room trainees eventually working in. VERT Project’s environment is customizable, flexible, and agile enabling medical professionals to utilize this system effectively and efficiently. With the creation of the VERT Project, a new era of medical training is upon us. The VERT Project presents a model for success and utilization of three dimensional reproductions of real life medical scenarios that are most difficult to prepare.