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Trusted Partners and Good Governance Project

The Trusted Partners and Good Governance Project is an initiative of the Corporate Governance Program at the Institute for Corporate Responsibility (ICR). The Corporate Governance Program investigates the changing roles of business in public-private partnerships (PPP) and other global governance networks. The increasing popularity of firms cooperating and participating in PPP's and other global governance arrangements sparks the interest in research. Little is known about the effectiveness of these arrangements in meeting both the goals of public policy and the interests of firms.

The project investigates the following questions:

    • How do firms interact successfully in PPPs?
    • What expectations should public agencies have for firms when they are engaged in PPPs?
    • How do firms justify their participation in PPPs as a tool/tactic/means that reinforces their strategy and business model?
    • How do we measure success in a way that satisfies all partners?
    • What are the special characteristics of Global Solution PPPs?
    • How can these entities provide governmental agencies access to private sector expertise and experience to address social problems and the social responsibility of corporations to become good global citizens?

The project has three basic activities: develop a new theoretical framework on business and trust; generate governance networks that describe how firms engage in public-private partnerships; and describe how these "trusted partners" can be used for a firm's competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Support the formation of PPPs by developing models and identifying the most effective practices. Building on our research, we will work with firms and public agencies to increase the effectiveness of these arrangements and provide them with a better understanding of the foundations and methods that exemplify successful PPP's in practice.

The establishment of a multi-disciplinary, multi-perspective dialogue between academics and practitioners on effective policies will allow for the development of successful PPP's. This project's research findings will expand a general understanding of PPP's and their success. This collaborative participation in discussing governmental policies that might be adopted will support, promote, and encourage firms to participate in PPP's.

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