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    The Institute for Corporate Responsibility
    2131 G Street, NW
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    Email: Patti Niles
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USIP/ICR Business and Peace Taskforce:

As part of the Business and Peace Program (BPP), ICR in partnership with U.S. Institute of Peace created the Business and Peace Taskforce to develop strategies that engage businesses in conflict and fragile economies and contribute to building peace. Business development is a crucial, but often overlooked, component of peace-building in most conflict sensitive countries. Understanding of how business transactions could either promote peace or fuel violent conflicts is currently limited by a huge margin. The objective of the taskforce is to understand and implement how business activities and government policies can complement each other in building Peace. Members of the taskforce have diverse background ranging from former business directors, international financial specialists, and development practitioners to former military strategists and ambassadors.

The taskforce goals will be to identify key obstacles to business development in conflict zones; categorize business behavior and their implications on conflict; and to develop practical policies and programs that promote the transition from Conflict to Peace.


Bios of Participants
Sketching the Terrain

Taskforce Report
Business Practices and Peace in Cyprus