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Global Governance Network Project

The global challenges facing policy makers are unprecedented in both scope and scale. Most of the Millennium Development Goals that the world leaders have pledged to achieve will be left unmet at the current pace of progress. It has become increasingly clear that contemporary global problems require a different global governance approach. Policy makers and practitioners have turned to multisectoral partnerships for the search of innovative solutions.

One form of these multisectoral partnerships that has attracted greater attention is Global Governance Networks (GGNs). The individual characteristics of GGNs themselves may not be unique, but it is their combination that sets them apart from other multisector collaborations: Multisector partners; Vision of change that addresses an important global social problem; Involved in actions and their implementation, whose impact is clearly defined and measurable; and, Self-directed.

The combination of these attributes and ambitions places GGNs in the unique role of bridging a global governance gap: the growing ineffectiveness of governments when they act exclusively to address growing global challenges. Literally, scores of thousands of multisector collaborations have been formed to address global issues, many utilizing the Internet and social media to engage people and communities. However, their most common focus is to work on: formulating global policies; raising awareness of global problems; advocating for specific government actions; or providing information. GGNs do governance - sometimes complementing, sometimes substituting for - those actions that have been the traditional prerogative of governments.

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