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    The Institute for Corporate Responsibility
    2131 G Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20052

    Email: Patti Niles
    Phone: 202-994-5206
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The Business and Peace Program

The Business and Peace Program (BPP) is rooted in a decade of work on Peace Through Commerce: ethical business behavior has unexpected payoffs for the firm and its surrounding community through a mirroring of nonviolent societal behavior. Research and outreach initiatives develop practical guidance in business, based on the premise of Peace Through Commerce, specifically in the conflict-sensitive areas of the world. To do so, BPP focuses on three activities: courses such as "Business Development in Conflict Zones," research on topics such as "Public and Private Investment Guidelines in Conflict Zones," and partnerships to create a global network such as that with the social venture company, NewForesight. Conflict-sensitive areas of the globe present unique and complex social and economic relationships. BPP strives to understand the roles business plays in conflict-sensitive areas and identify practical policies and programs that promote the transition from Conflict to Peace. Former ICR Executive Director Timothy Fort and Associate Director John Forrer recently led the recently released U.S. Institute of Peace-ICR Task Force Report on Business and Peace.