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The Governance Program

There is a long academic tradition to examining corporate governance, but too often that has taken place within the narrow confines of a strictly legal or financial perspective. The Governance Program looks at the basic questions of corporate governance from a multi-disciplinary perspective: what is the purpose of the corporation; in whose interests should the corporation be run; and what are the responsibilities of the Board of Directors?

Corporations are becoming involved in Public Private Partnerships and Global Governance Networks. The emergent forms of governance can help advance business interests while accomplishing social policy objectives. While PPPs and governance networks have grown in popularity, limited research has been conducted on the approaches, arrangements and processes that facilitate accomplishing these dual objectives. The Governance Program studies program studies governance networks and the factors that support a successful collaboration.

The Governance Program supports research and teaching and brings together scholars, corporate leaders, and public policymakers to best connect the theory and practice of governance.


John Forrer is the Director of the Governance Program