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    The Institute for Corporate Responsibility
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The Global Stakeholder Strategies Program (GSS)

The Global Stakeholder Strategies Program (GSS) is based on the idea that sustaining viable stakeholder relations creates long lasting value for corporations. Firms engaging with a range of stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, investors, civil society, non-governmental organizations, communities, and governmental agencies; is not a new concept. What separates modern stakeholder engagement strategies, however, is the additional uncertainty and complexity in a global world of commerce. Expanding operations across continents, developing reliable supply chains within and among multiple developing or developed countries, ensuring quality goods/service delivery while appropriately attending to local employees, communities and governments having disparate values and shared beliefs creates complex learning issues for modern corporations. Accountability, transparency and impacts of firms and stakeholders while building capacity, enhancing reputation, and creating value are dominant themes in the global stakeholder strategies program.


Jenn Griffin is the director of the Global Stakeholder Strategies Program.