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    The Institute for Corporate Responsibility
    2131 G Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20052

    Email: Patti Niles
    Phone: 202-994-5206
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The Environmental Sustainability Program (ESP)

The Environmental Sustainability Program (ESP) studies, advances, and critiques the integration of environmental issues and responses, into the social and economic policies and practices of international and domestic businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations, through research, teaching, and service.

ESP encourages and coordinates GWSB academic, peer-reviewed (including sponsored) research, primarily centered on environmental sustainability issues of business organizations and their stakeholders. Other scholarly and practitioner-related research is also conducted in ESP and includes books, invited chapters, presentations, case studies, and reports. Current research topics in both categories include: environmental entrepreneurship; integration of corporate and community sustainability planning; ENGO involvement in environmental management systems and policy; voluntary environmental program performance; the role of information in sustainability policies and programs; and, sustainable energy, including climate change policy and management; and tourism-related stakeholder management.


Jorge Rivera is the director of the Environmental Sustainability Program.