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Corporate Responsibility in a Global Economy: Industries, Issues and Nation-States

September 9-10, 2010

The George Washington University School of Business presents "Corporate Responsibility in a Global Economy" international conference on September 9-10, 2010. This conference will feature renowned speakers such as Ed Freeman, University of Virginia; Duane Windsor, Rice University; John F. Mahon, University of Maine; Rich Wokutch, Virginia Tech; Dirk Matten, York University; Stephen Brammer, University of Bath and many more.

Presentations and Video

Welcome Conference Overview
Jennifer J. Griffin, ICR, GWU
PDF | Video

Towards a Theory of Responsible Capitalism
R. Edward Freeman, Univeristy of Virginia

Defining and Measuring Corporate Responsibility
Mike Lombardo, Calvert Asset Management Company, Inc.

Reception & Keynote
David Logan, Co-Chair, Corporate Citizenship, UK
PDF | Video

Implicit and Explicit CSR
Dirk Matten, Schulich School of Business

National Styles of Worker Protection: The US, Japan, Korea and China
Rich Wokutch, Virginia Tech

Banking Industry and the Mortgage Meltdown
Chuck Koerber, George Washington University

Social Networks and Ethical Behavior
Smita Trivedi, George Washington University

Responsible Procurement: New Evidence
Andrew Millington & Stephen Brammer, Centre for Business Organisations and Society

Consumers in the Financial Marketplace
Vanessa Perry, George Washington University

CSR... CSP: Why Are We Here and Who Cares?
John F. Mahon, University of Maine
PDF | Video

Corporate & Governmental Responsibilities for Risk Management, Consumer Protection and Executive Compensation
Duane Windsor, Rice University
PDF | Video

Building New Markets for Sustainability:  Can I Make Money?
Tom Rawls, NativeEnergy

Going Beyond Compliance
Michael Wallander, Kapok Consulting


Download presentation in its entirety (PDF)