GW Launches $1 Billion Philanthropic Campaign

Making History: The Campaign for GW is a comprehensive, university-wide philanthropic effort to raise funds to support the George Washington University’s vision and priorities.

This seven-year, $1 billion campaign officially began on July 1, 2011 and was publicly launched on June 20, 2014. To date, $525 million has already been raised toward this ambitious goal.

campaign_webpromo6_220x200“Our ambitious goal—1 billion dollars to be raised by June of 2018—will enable us to implement the strategic plan that was unanimously adopted last year by the Board of Trustees and provides the blueprint for achieving the full greatness that was always in this university’s future,” said GW President Steven Knapp.

Over 200 years ago, President George Washington envisioned a university in the nation’s capital that would serve as America’s intellectual hub and produce citizen leaders. Today, GW embodies this vision by growing its international research reputation, creating new cross-disciplinary institutes and academic opportunities, and recruiting the best students and faculty to build a diverse and robust community of living and learning in the heart of Washington, DC.

The Making History campaign will enable the university to generate breakthroughs that affect millions of lives, partner with influential organizations around the world, and provide our students with the resources and opportunities to make history. The partnership and support of thousands of alumni, faculty and staff, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations will lead to incredible, positive changes for every facet of life at GW.
The scale of our ambition is formidable, yet when our community decides to act in unison, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.
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