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A New Kind of MBA
is rising in Washington.

t The George Washington University School of Business, we’re not content teaching business the way it has always been taught. Our new MBA curriculum trains business leaders to act responsibly, lead passionately, and think globally. We will prepare you for success on multiple levels with solid fundamentals and an emphasis on ethics and leadership in a global economy. It’s smart. Itís bold. It might even rock the boat. Be a leader who stands for something greater.

  Why now?

think itís possible for business leaders to lead more than their businesses. By bringing a new level of energy and knowledge to the business world, you can set the tone for a new spirit in this country and around the globe. Weíve created an MBA program based on the concepts of ethics, global business, and leadership. And this isnít passive classroom learning, itís a dynamic experience in teamwork, critical thinking and judgment.

Unlike other MBA programs out there that claim to incorporate ethics, weíre not simply adding a class or mentioning the concept of ethics every now and then. From the very first class of the very first semester, ethics takes center stage. And throughout your program, weíll keep asking the question of how ethics affects every conversation and every decision. The learning is cumulative. Youíll take what you study along the way and apply it to every new situation.

  and then something more.

believe being a great business leader isnít just about knowledge; itís about character. The GW MBA programs build both. Youíll be proficient in the fundamentals of business and management, as well as doing what is right. This is a program immersed in values, rigorous in theory, and experiential in practice.

Values. Become a leader who stands for something greater. At the heart of our new curriculum are the concepts of ethics, global business, and leadership. From your first term, youíll develop the core values that will help you throughout your education, your career, and your life.

Rigor. What if your next decision affected the lives of 7 billion people? As a leader, you will face some tough challenges. As a student, youíll be asked to do the same. Our programs provide you with a solid theoretical foundation that will test and improve your skills in communication, critical thinking, analytics, and entrepreneurship.

Experiential Learning. Most MBAs know their business is global. Ours know that the globe is their business. International residencies and study abroad opportunities offer you an incredible opportunity to formulate real solutions to real issues in all corners of the globe.


is is not a one-size-fits-all MBA. Itís about giving you the opportunity to pursue a program of study that matches your passion and your life. We offer three unique degree options.

The Global MBA. The GW Global MBA is comprised of 57 credit hours delivered in modular format. In the first-year, the core curriculum is completed within an active and integrated cohort of 45-50 classmates. You develop first-hand experience in communicating and studying as a group, crucial skills for professionals today.

The Professional MBA. The Professional MBA is tailored for full-time working professionals and it prepares you for leadership roles in the public and private sectors. In a flexible atmosphere of academic excellence and practical experience, you build teamwork, communications skills, and problem-solving abilities. And this MBA is big on convenience. You can work at an accelerated pace to complete the program in as little as 21 months. Or, you can self pace your study, taking up to five years. We offer several locations and class times including weekends and evenings.

The Executive MBA. The Executive MBA at GW empowers accomplished managers and professionals to enhance their organizational effectiveness. With the central theme of ďStrategic Leadership in a Complex World,Ē this program equips professionals for the realities of accelerated technological innovation, shifting social ethics, political instability and globalization.


To learn more about our programs and upcoming information sessions,

or call us at 202-994-1212.
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