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Transfer Credit Opportunities

Transferring Credits from non-GW affiliated Programs:

Students interested in pursuing study abroad opportunities outside of George Washington University offerings should be aware of the transfer credit policy. Per the 2010-2011 graduate bulletin no more than 6 graduate-level credit hours may be transferred from AACSB accredited institutions and applied toward your master’s degree in the School of Business. Students must fill out the School of Business Transfer Credit Approval Form (pdf) for non-GW affiliated study abroad programs. Students should consult with their academic advisor in conjunction with Global & Experiential Education (available at or 202-994-1212), prior to making any final decisions about study abroad in order to learn more about the required processes. In addition, for each course taken abroad, students must get approval from the appropriate faculty member in the corresponding department and review the course to determine the appropriate GW equivalent. After coursework is completed an official transcript from the institution should be sent to the School of Business for evaluation and assignment of credit.

As with all international travel that is University-affiliated, students seeking to transfer credit for a study abroad program must comply with the University Travel Policy.

Students seeking GW financial aid should discuss with Global & Experiential Education as well as the Office of Student Financial Assistance how transferring credit will impact their financial aid eligibility.

Transferring Credits from International Exchange Partners:

Credits earned through our international exchange partners are directly transferrable back to The George Washington University. The 6-credit transfer limit does not apply to coursework taken through these exchange programs. Depending upon the student’s home graduate program, students can transfer up to 12 credits from a partner institution, as long as they receive a B grade or higher in each course. Through a collaboration of the student’s appropriate academic advisor and Global & Experiential Education, the School of Business will determine the GW equivalencies for courses taken at our exchange partner schools. In order to maximize their time abroad, students should always consult with their academic advisor in order to ensure that classes taken are in line with their course of study and career goals.

GW School of Business Study Abroad Programs:

Students who participate in Study Abroad business courses through Global & Experiential Education, as well as the Global MBA Consultancy Projects, and Global Business Project earn direct GW credits. As a result the transfer credit policy does not apply to these programs.