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Iain Thornton Christie

Iain Thornton Christie

Title: Part-time Faculty

Department:Masters of Tourism Administration Program

Address: 600 21st Street

Phone: (202) 994-6281


Mr. Christie is a Senior Research Associate and lecturer at George Washington University and, prior to 1999, was a manager and adviser at the World Bank. He consults on tourism and enterprise development for strategic growth and economic diversification for public and private sector groups. He led preparation of the World Bank’s Africa private sector strategy in 1997, its framework paper “Tourism In Africa” in 2000 and regularly publishes on tourism issues. Mr. Christie joined the World Bank in 1972 as a financial analyst and has covered tourism, infrastructure, finance and enterprise development. Mr. Christie has been a hotel manager (US and Europe), assistant professor at Michigan State University and a management consultant in New York City. He attended Strathclyde University, Scotland, and has graduate degrees in economics and business from New York and Michigan State Universities, respectively.