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Sung Ham

Esi A. Elliot

Title: Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing
Department: Marketing
Address: Funger Hall, Suite 305
Phone: (202) 994-0903 Email:
Curriculum vitae: CV

PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
MBA, Schiller International University, London
BSc, University of Ghana

Area of Expertise: Professional Selling, Sales Management, Marketing Strategy, Pricing, Channels of Distribution and Behavioral Economics


Elliot, Esi A., Joseph Cherian and Hernan Casakin (2012), "Cultural Metaphors and Consumer Pleasure in Ethnic Servicescapes," Journal of Business Research , (forthcoming).

DeBerry-Spence, Benet and Esi A. Elliot (2012), "Everyday Challenges and Arts and Craft Microenterpreneurship in Ghana, West Africa," Journal of Business Research , (forthcoming).

Elliot, Esi A. and Cheryl Nakata (2012), "Cross-cultural Creativity, Conceptualization and Propositions for Global New Product Development," Journal of Product and Innovation Management , (forthcoming).

Current Research:

Dissertation: "Value Co-Creation in Subsistence Markets: Microenterprises and Financial Services Firms in Ghana, West Africa."

Elliot, Esi A., Joseph Cherian and Raed Elaydi (2011), "Value Co-Creation and Ethnic Services Ecosystems Design," under review at the Journal of Business Research.

Elliot, Esi A., Joseph Cherian and Raed Elaydi (2012), "Metaphors and Microcredit in Subsistence Markets," Subsistence Markets Conference, Chicago, IL.

Elliot, Esi A., Yazhen Xiao and Joseph Cherian (2012), "Chinese Entrepreneurs in the U.S: Interplay of Social and Cultural Ecosystems," Royal Bank International Research Seminar, Shanghai, China.

Elliot, Esi A., Joseph Cherian and Hernan Casakin (2011), "Transcultural Tourism and Transforming Consumers," invited for publication for The Routledge Companion on Ethnic Marketing.

Elliot, Esi, A. and Susan Aaronson (2012), "Trust and Intellectual Property Rights: Trade Strategies between the U.S. and Sub-Saharan Africa," manuscript in preparation.

Awards and Honors:

2012, AMA-Sheth Doctoral Fellow Award
2012, George Washington-CIBER Summer Doctoral Institute Award
2011, PDMA-UIC Doctoral Fellow Award
2007-2011, University of Illinois at Chicago Liautaud Graduate Scholar Award
2007, Zenith Bank Best Branch Manager Award
1993, Schiller International University MBA Graduate Assistantship Award