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Donna Hoffman

Donna Hoffman

Title: Louis Rosenfeld Distinguished Scholar & Professor of Marketing

Department: Marketing

Address: Funger Hall, Suite 304

Phone: (202) 994-3137/p>


Degrees: Ph.D. in Quantitative Psychology with Minor in Marketing, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

M.A. Quantitative Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A.B. Psychology, University of California at Davis

Area of Expertise: Consumer Behavior, Digital Marketing, and Social Media

Selected Publications:

Hoffman, D.L. and T.P. Novak (2012), "Toward a Deeper Understanding of Social Media," Journal of Interactive Marketing. (Editorial, Co-Editor, Special Issue on "Social Media"), 26(May), 69-70.

Hoffman, D.L. (2011), "Web 2.0 for B2Bs: Strategic Brief," European Business Review, November-December, 72-73.

Hoffman, D.L. and Novak. T.P (2011), "Marketing Communication in a Digital Era," Marketing Management, Fall, 20(3), 37-42, American Marketing Association. Cover article.

Hoffman, D.L. and M. Fodor (2010), "Can You Measure the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing?" Sloan Management Review, 52(1), Fall, 41-49.

Hoffman, D., Kopalle, P., Novak, T. (2010) The "Right" Consumers for Better Concepts: Identifying Consumers High in Emergent Nature to Develop New Product Concepts," Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (October).

Hoffman, D.L. (2009), "Managing Beyond Web 2.0," McKinsey Quarterly, July.

Hoffman, D.L., Novak, T.P. (2009), "Flow Online: Lessons Learned and Future Prospects," Journal of Interactive Marketing, 23(1), February, Anniversary Issue, 23-34.

Novak, T.P., Hoffman, D.L. (2009), "The Fit of Thinking Style and Situation: New Measures of Situation-Specific Experiential and Rational Cognition," Journal of Consumer Research, 36(1), December, 56-72.

Neslin, S., Novak, T., Baker, K., Hoffman, D. (2009), "An Optimal Contact Model for Maximizing Online Panel Response Rates," Management Science, 55(5), May, 727-737.

Hoffman, Donna L., Thomas P. Novak, and Alladi Venkatesh (2004), "Has the Internet Become Indispensable?" Communications of the ACM, 47(7), July, 37-42.

Hoffman, Donna and Thomas P. Novak (2005), "A Conceptual Framework for Considering Web-Based Business Models and Potential Revenue Streams" International Journal of Marketing Education, 1(1).

Chatterjee, P., D.L. Hoffman and T.P. Novak (2003), "Modeling the Clickstream: Implications for Web-Based Advertising Efforts," Marketing Science, 22(4), 520-541.

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Straub, Detmar, Donna L. Hoffman, Bruce Weber, and Charles Steinfield (2002), "Measuring e-Commerce in Net-Enabled Organizations," Information Systems Research, 13(2), June.

Professional Activities: Professor Hoffman is an internationally recognized academic expert and sought after industry speaker in the areas of social media, online consumer behavior, and digital marketing trends and has worked with major corporations on the topic of digital marketing strategy, including Procter & Gamble, Intel, Microsoft,, Land's End/Sears,, and many others. She also serves as an Academic Trustee of the Marketing Science Institute and is a member of the Procter & Gamble Digital Advisory Board.